We have an extremely important election coming up on Sept. 19 to replace Mayor Dickert, who recently resigned. I won't pretend to be a fan of his, in fact as someone who served as an elected official for 18 years and remained a close observer since, I am happy to see this opportunity to change direction.

From my experienced perspective, Melvin Hargrove will lead us off the potholed road of increasing debt, decreasing services, missing streetlights and insider dealings that we have been on, and on to a path of prosperity and cooperation among all our citizens.

We would be wise to take advantage of this opportunity and not waste it by electing someone who has openly pledged to "pick up the torch" from the man who nearly doubled our debt and wants to add more to it.

We are already the most indebted city in Wisconsin. The arena project that Mayor Dickert has promoted for Downtown could add $65 million more to the $102 million we owe and cost as much as half a million dollars a year to operate. These are his own figures, it could possibly be worse.

If Hargrove had won the last election against Dickert, I know this project would not even be in the discussion and we wouldn't have dark streets in town because we "can't afford" to keep the street lights on.

Kenneth Lumpkin



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