Mike Kohn says “Thank-you Racine!” I express to you, the Greater Racine community, my appreciation for the resources you have given since 1993 to my care. We arrived in Racine from San Antonio, Texas, following my dad’s retirement from the Army. I am in my wheelchair or bed 24/7. Many from Racine have gone the “second mile” on my behalf. Thank you. 

Supervisors from the Racine Community Care staff have provided a caring network of resources. The Wheaton Franciscan Home Health initiated home health aides morning and night seven days a week. Their attention to my personal needs resulted in my exceptional welfare. Thank you Sue, Mary, Kelly, Judy and Courtney.

I attended Careers for more than 24 years. They were professional and responsive to my needs. Thank you Laura and staff. Transit Bus also gave transportation five days a week. Thank you Pam, Harvey and staff. The Lakeview Pharmacy were responsible for my medication needs. Thank you Pete, staff and workers. Dr. Matthews, Shelby and staff, Four Mile Clinic, attended to my medical welfare. As well, Dr. Morse and staff in Milwaukee gave of their expertise. Thank you.

The spiritual and personal care received from Calvary Memorial Church and First Free Evangelical Church remains priceless. Thank you, Pastor James and Pastor John.

I, along with my dad, have just moved to the State of Michigan. I have two sisters there. Racine, you have made resources available providing outstanding care for me. I thank the Lord for you, do continue with the care for your people and community. Thank you, Racine.

Homer Kohn

On behalf of son, Mike Kohn

Allendale, Michigan, formerly of Racine


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