Everyone has the freedom to vote for whomever they wish; however, after seven months in the White House, it's painfully obvious that we cannot continue on this destructive path.

America needs a leader with a strong moral compass and integrity who can bring people together and lead us in the right direction, not a petulant bully with a complete ethical, moral and intellectual void who emboldens and enables evil racists, among other things.

I recently learned that two African American friends, a married couple, were walking for exercise at the end of Erie Street toward the lake when they were blocked in by several white men in cars and told that they didn't belong in the area. They live in a nearby subdivision and are visibly upset.

This is America, Land of the Free, not Alabama with Jim Crow laws. is this supposed to be the idea of "Making America Great Again?" This is not progress, it is regression to an ugly time in our history.

Sonia K., an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, in the wake of Charlottesville told CNN: "The biggest mistake people made during the Holocaust was that they didn't speak up. We must stand against anti-Semitism and racism or we could find ourselves repeating a regrettable history. We've said nothing like this could ever happen again. But in the last few months, I have felt like 1938 all over again."

How long does this country have to endure this night, and at what costs?

Patti and Eddie Jirgensen



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