All pride, nationalist and supremacist movements are reactionary abominations. They attack America's unfinished revolution. That is, the revolution to ensure those liberties enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution to all citizens.

All people are created equal, individual cousins, as science has proven, individually endowed with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of an upright and fulfilling happiness. Thomas Jefferson knew there was much to be done. He could not enjoy fully upright happiness any more than he dared liberate the slaves, thus murdering the Republic in the nursery. Even God showed pride. But pride must extend to all that is magnificent, without stifling a single accomplished voice. Otherwise, it becomes an instrument of repression.

The Constitution is more direct. Article 1 Section 9 declares that no American is of low birth, nor need we suffer lords. The First Amendment says my soul, my heart, my mind are mine. I may follow them unless it is to do disorder and violence. Those who make hate, even hate of hatred, their politics can do nothing but lead the world into a charnel house.

Our leaders' politics of discord have left us two choices — come together in a civil society of peace and love, or attempt national suicide again as we did in 1861.

Karl Heinitz

Mount Pleasant


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