I am proud and happy to write on behalf of my friend and my choice for the next Mayor of Racine — Cory Mason.

Mason was my student at Case High School during his junior and senior years where I taught him in both international baccalaureate history and theory of knowledge. Mason was a very thoughtful and thought-provoking student. He always had questions that led the class and me to look more deeply at any issue. His perspective was both open-minded and fair, but he clearly was always devoted to justice and the betterment of the group.

This is what I have seen in him over the years as Mason has served in the State Legislature. His work to protect our Great Lakes, lower infant mortality rates, lower interest rates on student loans and promote our area in every way possible convinces me that there can be no better candidate for the job of Mayor of Racine.

Mason believes in our city where his family has lived for generations and where he and his wife are raising their children. He has the perspective, the knowledge and the dedication to make Racine everything that it can be. His tireless work and and leadership in the legislature has proven what he is capable of doing. His problem solving ability and willingness to work with everyone will be a real asset to our community during the challenging times ahead.

Tamerin Hayward



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