With the upcoming election in Mount Pleasant you have to pick the best honest people as your representatives.

Picking the slate that obeys the orders from Degroot-Gleason will only put us back years and dollars. This lockstep foursome, Clausen, Bhatia, Eastman and Floyd will follow their orders even if they don't understand them. Like DeGroot taking $1.5 million from the contingent fund to lower taxes, but we'll have to pay this back residents.

Now for honest hard-working trustees for the village and looking out for us residents, which will be something new, re-elect Feest, with Schulz, Giese and Martini. Gary has been the only trustee in years to question action of the committees presentation to the board, and bring up questions the board takes a second look at and time before passing.

Schulz is a past village board member with plenty of knowledge on past village actions.

Giese will bring forth his expertise in business and negotiating, since he also worked and lived in China for 5 years. Think Foxconn.

Martini has been attending board meeting for years and is knowledgeable on all aspects of the boards workings, where the lock-steppers haven't.

Let's stop this handpicked spenders and manipulators from degrading our village with their personal agendas. We need forthright trustees. For progressive and honest leadership in Mount Pleasant vote for the Feest, Schulz, Giese and Martini.

Lets give the village back to the people. Vote for Gary Feest, Donald Schulz, Tom Giese and John Martini for Mount Pleasant trustees.

Michael Devine

Mount Pleasant


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