After seeing the mayoral forum held on Sept. 30, I could not be prouder to be a Cory Mason supporter. Mason is incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable and he articulated a clear vision for the city. 

The contrast between the candidates was very much on display. This paper missed several of the more striking examples of these difference. First, Mason unequivocally supports a living wage for workers. He provided many examples of this commitment in his legislative record. His opponent, on the other hand, suggested that low-wage jobs provide an "incentive" for people to "better themselves." 

Second, Mason has demonstrated he will fight hard against the segregation or takeover of RUSD public schools. He pointed out that the mayor would have a key role on the commission that implements any changes, should they occur. His opponent suggested that, while she doesn't like the idea of a takeover, she doesn't think it's the mayor's job to be involved in it.

Thirdly, Mason gave an excellent summary of the history of immigrants in our community and a strong defense making sure we welcome and protect those who are vulnerable here in Racine. His opponent didn't event try to articulate her own statement; she just agreed with Mason and passed on the question entirely. 

This election has real consequences for our future. Mason is the best candidate to lead our city forward. Please join me in voting for Cory Mason for mayor Oct. 17.

Linda Boyle



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