Dear Foxconn Administrators and Wisconsin State Representatives,

Congratulations on your forthcoming development. It should make Wisconsin proud and the residence of Racine County even prouder, including me.

There is something though in the back of our minds (who remember it) that was very similar in nature that occurred right down the road from where you intend to build the Foxconn complex. The establishment is now called the Richard Bong State Recreational Area outside of Burlington.

This facility was conceived back in the 1950s as the Richard I. Bong Air Force Base and the history can be read about on the internet.

The parcels purchased by the federal government that were acquired at that time were huge quantities of farms and farm land. Many good farm families lost years of hard work and toll at the expense of our government. Living in Burlington at that time, I can remember at night the distant hum of all the gigantic earth movers constructing runways. Looking out my window I could see the halo of all the lights at night from the machines. And then there were the thousands of tons of concrete laid. The base was considered ‘excess’ in August 1960.

I hope, and for everyone’s sake, that this large endeavor will not end up as just another recreational area in Racine County.

Dennis Boll



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