Paul Ryan’s election as Speaker of the House is certainly great news for Wisconsin, but it’s also encouraging news for all the charitable nonprofits making a difference across our great state.

Ryan, as Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee earlier this year, shepherded the America Gives More Act through the House with popular, bipartisan support. If enacted, this bill could unleash a tidal wave of charitable giving by increasing donations of food to food banks, allowing tax-free contributions from IRAs, simplifying taxes that foundations pay and incentivizing donations of land conservation easements by middle-income landowners.

This critical legislation will provide certainty to donors and charities, allow nonprofits and foundations to fulfill their missions, help those in need and build stronger and more vibrant communities locally and across America. As we enter the season of giving, we should all consider how we can do more to help others. Congress and President Obama can do their part by making these bipartisan charitable tax incentives permanent.

As a resident of Caledonia and an active supporter of charitable causes locally and statewide, I’m proud of native son and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. I’m confident that he will do all he can to get the America Gives More Act signed into law this year, empowering nonprofit organizations across Wisconsin to reach more people and do even more good for our neighbors and communities.

Eric Schumann



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