Letters from Readers: Human rights and civil rights; City Council business

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April 08, 2013 12:15 am

Human rights and civil rights

It is being argued that gay marriage is a basic human right.

The problem with making the definition of the marriage covenant a basic human right (other than violating the First Amendment just by taking jurisdiction) is that it effectively outlaws every religion that holds contrarian doctrine. Islam, most forms of Christianity and most forms of Judaism could be banned as hate groups on the order of the KKK for doing what they consider to be good and pious in the sight of God and not allowing evil. That last sentence looks like the rantings of a madman, and I wish it was a stupid thing to say. However, it is based on firm legal logic.

If desegregation and gay marriage are both human rights, then they are the same thing under law. Then there would be no legal difference between an all-whites diner, and a mosque, synagogue or church that dares to hold steadfast to the belief that God instituted marriage to be between a man and a woman. Both the Klansman who owns the diner and the iman, rabbi or priest who will not deny God are guilty of the same crime. The piety and character of the outlaws doesn’t matter.

The Constitution went silent for the faithful long ago. Perhaps the argument that it could be wise to avoid actually declaring war on Islam may do some good.

Karl Heinitz

Mount Pleasant

City Council business

I am puzzled by recent statements by Alderman Greg Helding regarding important issues brought up to the City Council.

Commenting on the proposed resolution to discontinue military aid to the State of Israel, he remarked that he didn’t think it “appropriate” for local government to get involved with federal government policies.

Really? As if the two are not interdependent. The Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice has presented our case for the resolution during citizens’ comments at City Council meetings, and we plan to continue. Racine citizens pay $1.1 million annually toward aid to the errant State of Israel through their U.S. income taxes.

More recently, Helding argued that city aldermen could be marked as targets by assassins and so should have the right to carry guns in City Hall. He obviously doesn’t remember that San Francisco Councilman Harvey Milk and that city’s mayor were gunned down by another council member. Assassins don’t invite their victims to “draw” as in Dodge City of old.

A gun in your pocket or holster is no defense against a bullet already fired. Armed law officers should be the only ones carrying guns in City Hall. It’s not the Long Branch Saloon.

The Rev. Glen A. Halbe


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  1. Blindman
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    Blindman - April 09, 2013 10:45 pm
    Contrare...YOUR "logic" is flawed...He makes a good point.
  2. TKay
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    TKay - April 08, 2013 12:28 pm
    Karl- That WAS a pretty stupid thing to say. Your logic is flawed.
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