Aug. 6 marks the first anniversary of the tragic displacement of Iraqi Christians from Qaraqosh and 14 other villages on Nineveh Plain, home to many of our Iraqi Dominican sisters and brothers. With hundred of thousands of other Iraqis, they were displaced from their ancient homelands as Da'esh (ISIS) swept across the Nineveh Plain.

After decades of failed military intervention in Iraq, the U.S. must now assume its humanitarian and diplomatic responsibilities. We ask Racine citizens to join us in urging the administration and Congress to significantly increase funding to support internally displaced populations and Iraqi refugees struggling in nearby countries. Implore them to exert leadership in the world community's responsibility to protect vulnerable populations in Iraq, since the Iraqi government seems unable or unwilling to do so.

Tell your congressional representatives you reject any U.S. military intervention in Iraq that is not accompanied by pressure on the Iraqi government to adopt a more equitable power-sharing arrangement. Ask for a comprehensive arms embargo on Iraq and the region and for a united global response — through the efforts of the U.N. Security Council — to the threat posed by the Islamic state.

Last August, Sister Marie Hannah, the superior of one Iraqi Dominican community, wrote a letter to all U.S. Dominicans, crying out for our help: "... stop the blood, stop the oppression, and stop the violence ... People want to live a normal life in peace and dignity. Please help us stop the evil." 

Sister Marie is still waiting. Please raise your voice with ours.

Sisters Maryann McMahon, Agnes Johnson and Kathy Slesar

president and vice presidents of the Racine Dominicans



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