In April 2014, Deputy District Attorney Tricia Hanson had the chance to prove she was ready to be the next DA. She failed. Rather than uphold the law, Hanson looked the other way when her boss, Rich Chiapete, was arrested for drunk driving, hit and run and lying to police officers — a class A misdemeanor for which people are sent to jail.

In my opinion, as second in command, Hanson should have called for a special prosecutor to review the charges and acted to protect the integrity of the Racine DA’s office. Instead, Hanson played politics. Chiapete was allowed to pay a minimal fine and go home a few hours later. We should all be so lucky. It’s little wonder why Chiapete picked her to replace him.

Recent events have shown Hanson doesn’t have much regard for the law, or for rules that apply to others, but her disregard started much earlier.

Tom Binger has far more jury trial experience than Hanson and he will be a breath of fresh air the DA’s office in Racine needs. Vote for Tom Binger on Nov. 8.

Daniel Dimler

Mount Pleasant

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Positive Racine

Laws do not apply to friends in Racine County. Just ask any of the people at the press conference if they are willing to investigate criminal corruption at the city and county level, including rigged development deals and contracts for friends, illegal campaign contributions, extortion and embezzlement, racketeering, and threatening anyone who asks questions.

Binger should demand an investigation into corruption in Racine County before the electIon. If he has real integrity, he will demand one regardless of the outcome. Would his opponent? Does she not know that bid rigging, embezzlement, perjury, falsifying records, racketeering, and other crimes are illegal? Or does she hold officials to a different set of standards.

Why won't they investigate? Did Loretta Lynch and James Comey show them the way and how to avoid accountability? Politics above law? Are they proud of the extreme level of lawlessness that has decayed and corrupted our community? What secret groups and clubs are they involved with together and who else knew what really happened the night of the birthday party?

Why does everyone look the other way and allow laws, and people's lives and rights to be destroyed by the corrupt few? Why is it acceptable for people's lives to be threatened for asking questions about criminal activity among officials? What is the big secret?

Stay positive Racine! Maybe if they ignore reality long enough, they can claim statute of limitations, find more loopholes, move the chairs around again, and forget about the oath and responsibilities they swore to uphold.

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