Why people in Caledonia don’t want a Walmart store

If the Walmart store is built, Kmart will close, as will several other stores. Caledonia does not need several empty commercial buildings. There are a few small, very nice vacant commercial buildings in Caledonia now — we don’t need more.

The 4 Mile Road, when it was open, was a heavily traveled road. If Walmart is on that road it will add a lot of traffic and congestion. People living close to the site don’t want the traffic, noise, lights at night, litter, runoff and possible crime in their neighborhood.

When Walmart builds they apply for every government handout they can get. Why should taxpayers help the largest retailer in the world build? They build with the lowest-cost nonunion labor they can get. If the store isn’t profitable the store will be closed, leaving Caledonia with another vacant building.

I urge the Caledonia Village Board members, and everyone, to Google “The Walmart Effect.” The Village Board needs to understand what they are dealing with. The people pushing to build the Walmart store in Caledonia don’t care about Caledonia; they are greedy, selfish people who should be ashamed of themselves. It is time for the Caledonia Village Board to tell those people to get lost.

Board members who vote to allow Walmart to build will never be elected in Caledonia again, and may very well be shunned by other Caledonia residents.

Al Sorenson, Racine

No logic seen for streetlight removal

The citizens of Racine who are slated to lose their streetlights will experience an attendant loss of visibility and safety. I would urge those citizens to drive down 3 Mile Road from Main Street to Charles Street. Count the number of new, double and single lights. Then go home and see if your home block is really excessive.

If there is some quantifiable logic to the decision to remove streetlights I can’t figure out what it is. There is also less light in neighborhoods when trees are in bloom. Does anyone feel safer at night these days?

Louise Shapley, Racine

Giant wind turbines a distraction

While driving down Washington Avenue, I was shocked to see the giant “pinwheels” SC Johnson is building. They are a real eyesore and don’t belong in a place like that, in my opinion. It is a large distraction to drivers as you can’t help but look at them. I hope an accident doesn’t occur due to their presence. Where are the village planners when it comes to things like this?

They came down like a ton of bricks on poor Dairy Queen just because they wanted to paint their building using patriotic colors. Looks like whatever Johnson wants, Johnson gets. Especially when elected officials don’t have the guts to do the right thing. Did anybody think of the poor condo owners who have to look at the monstrosities? Are they going to get tax credits from Mount Pleasant? I’m sure Johnson will be getting federal credits. Moreover, wait until they crank them up and surrounding people have to listen to the noise and yes, there will be noise. Wind generators belong out in the county, i.e., on a wind farm, or out in Lake Michigan.

Paul Gyuro, Franksville

Have Koch brothers remodel kitchen

One has to wonder why anyone would need $500,000 to remodel a kitchen. We are in difficult financial times and she (Mrs. Walker) wants that kind of money? From what fund? Oh, education, that’s right, I forgot.

I do have a real solution for her — just call the “real” governors — the Koch brothers, I’m sure they will buy the new (governor’s mansion) kitchen for you, too.

Jill Boyd, Racine

Friends are not artificial

A friend does not say they appreciate you and then stab you in the back. A friend does not say one thing and does something else. That is a double standard. A friend does not always receive and give nothing back. A friend does not always think they are always right and you are always wrong. A friend does not read the Bible but does not live by it. To be a true friend you are not artificial.

John D. Grant, Racine

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For Johnson's sake I hope the wind keeps blowing and the birds can dodge the blades.


I was just about to ask if the remodel materials were going to be from Diane Hendricks. I still want to follow this story. It'll be interesting to see who the donors are and to whom the bids are awarded. 500k for a kitchen remodel?
That's the price of a couple nice homes.
I have to say we saw this coming though. Make cuts to everyone else, wait a year and send out proposals that include spending that benefit the few. Kitchen remodel? Per diem increase? Thank goodness these were retracted.

How nice of a kitchen to you need if you are truly "brown bagging" it.


Drove out by J-Wax today to take a look at the wind turbines. Close as I could get was by the guard house at the entrance, which is pretty much in the shadow of the turbines---quite literally late in the day. Anyway, wind out of the south west, tubines spinning pretty good. NO NOISE!
Pure quiet, and cool to watch. Take a drive out and take a look. Quite impressive as you can get pretty close.


Looks like Jill, and me, got our wishes and WON!

Funding request for governor's mansion renovation withdrawn

Madison - Money to pay for a $478,000 renovation project at the governor's mansion will be sought through private donations instead of taxpayer funds as originally proposed.

The Wisconsin Department of Administration said Wednesday the nonprofit Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation will seek private donations for the project.

The funding request was removed from Wednesday's agenda for the State Building Commission, although Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch said it will return if enough donations cannot be raised.

The project includes renovation of the first-floor kitchen, as well as the private quarters kitchenette on the second floor. The main kitchen was last renovated in 1986, while the residential kitchen on the second floor has not been renovated since the late 1960s.



jill, where was that anger when union protesters did 5 million in damages to the capital? Al, tell the truth, you just don't want minorities in your neighborhood. And granny how can putting people to work in this town increase their dependency on gov't programs? You are assuming there not already on assistance. You guys need to bend down grab your ears and get your head out of your a s s.


Haha if you are that easily distracted by the wind turbines maybe you shouldn't be driving.


I'm with Jacob. The pinwheels ate beautiful. Whether you like SC Johnson or not, wind power is clean. The turbines are no more distracting than an odd cloud or flashing police car lights. Get over it.

Give Me a Break

Granny is off her meds again. There is a minority of people that work at Wal-Mart that are on assistance that weren't on it before they started working there.


Al Sorenson:

"If Walmart is on that road it will add a lot of traffic and congestion. People living close to the site don’t want the traffic, noise, lights at night, litter, runoff and possible crime in their neighborhood."

what a load of cr.p!!!!

Too bad about the "night" noise, traffic and expensive Kmart closing!!! Get over it and realize that you are not paying for special privileges for a quiet and non crime ridden area!!!
Welcome to LIFE!!


@Al Sorenson- I am sick and tired of people using the "Walmart will shut down all local businesses" excuse. It doesnt happen like that. Walmart opened in Sturtevant and I don't know of a single local business they shut down. Can you name any? As for Kmart closing if Walmart opens near them, thats baloney too. Kmart has been struggling as a brand for years. Odds are it will close anyways. While I will agree that the traffic issue needs to be resolved using the "Walmart kills business" mentality is stupid.

Its a wonder why Caledonia has so many vacant buildings (as you pointed out) with a great pro-business attitude like that.


Granny please post links proving your food stamp post


Jill- To make yourself seem less stupid next time read about something fully BEFORE commenting. Gov. Walker asked for the money to be PRIVATELY FUNDED. Nowhere does it say hes raiding an education fund.


I have to say one thing to Al Sorenson's post. People of Caledonia are not the Amish. Nobody should be SHUNNED for agreeing to something modern and new. This is not biblical times. Enough said. Everyone has a right to their opinion and here is mine. Whether the Walmart goes up or not, I will still be in Caledonia and do not think residents are evil because they feel differently. That is why it is a community decision and majority rules. Maybe that kind of ignorance should be, well, "shunned".

Silent Majority

Al Sorenson, how dare you speak for the people of Caledonia.? I've lived in Caledonia for over 40 years and I support building a Walmart close to where I live for obvious reasons:(Walmart will pay taxes, create jobs and offer people an alternative to the exisitng stores). You making blanket statements like "K-Mart will close" and "any board member who supports building a Walmert will be voted out of office" are clearly your short sighted opinion and nothing more. Caledonia needs some more retail development. This would be nice addition to a sparsely developed area. I would hate to see the vocal minority dictate policy again.

granny grits

I hope you realize that for every Walmart store built taxpayers have to kick in nearly $500,000 for food stamps due to the poor pay and benefits.

An American

Granny, you are offering way to much truth than some of these Republicans can comprehend. They are all to willing to hold the working poor to the least they can rather than support a better America. Thanks for your contributions Granny.

An American

For those who to study history, perhaps the following best indicates why people would do well to read and understand the following. It reminds of the words in the song Solidarity: “There is no greater feeble strength than that of one.”

Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of A d o l f H I t l e r and spent the last seven years of N a z i rule in concentration camps.

Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.


Thanks for the loving comments .

If its true your employer is contributing $21000 to your retirement 403b
that puts your salary in $140000 range. Not bad for a Education or non profit job

Comment deleted.

You make no sense! How could you ever possibly educate anyone? All you spew is hate and anger with words no larger than two or three syllables. If you ever begin to walk upright and quit dragging your knuckles you may have a fighting chance But I don't ever see that happening with you or any of your friends on the side of greed. You're sick and there isn't any cure.

Jacob S
Jacob S

The "Pinwheels" are BEAUTIFUL. I hope to see more everywhere, on land and offshore in Lake Michigan. We are in a prime Wind Energy zone. Clean Energy. Less burning fossil fuels. It's the future people, this and Solar. People who get the headaches from them already have an informed negative opinion about them (studies have been done on this claim, your body is expressing your feelings). I applaud SCJ for putting these up. Maybe it wasn't their vision to be green, only to save money on energy, but they got two for the price of one. SCJ leading the way. SCJ: a Racine Company.


Cracker5 the Johnson plant and the turbines are in Mt. Pleasant not Sturtevant. The plant property is on the border but is in fact in Mt. Pleasant. That being said I have not issue with them.


No logic seen for streetlight removal


Seeing what the residents will stand for and what City Hall can get away with. The residents of Racine have been looted by local officials for years - they only view your home as their ATM. Big pay, big benefits, early retirements, LOOT and SCOOT.

Not only do your taxes keep rising, now they have you begging them for special programs to pay above and beyond what you currently pay to maintain the services you have while they give themselves pay raises, City contracts to friends worth millions and Team Porters over $1M of your money.

Are the residents of Racine mind-numbed robots who obey? You bet they are. They count on this at City Hall. Just keep paying your ever-increasing taxes while your Elite rulers PARTY ON!


"MADISON (WKOW) -- The Wisconsin Department of Administration is asking the State Building Commission to approve $478,700 in general fund supported borrowing for kitchen renovations at the Governor's mansion. The request for the revamp of both the first floor kitchen and the second floor private quarters kitchenette originally came from First Lady Tonette Walker. The First Lady and members of WERF, the non-profit Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation, first pitched the idea of kitchen renovations to the State Capital and Executive Residence Board in September of 2011. Minutes from that meeting show that WERF was going to request in-kind donations to replace the kitchen without any structural/permanent changes. But in the DOA's request to the State Building Commission, the project description includes several changes to the kitchen with the installation of new equipment, such as commercial grade storage cabinets, shelving, disposal, dishwasher, oven, stove, refrigerators and freezers. It also calls for the installation of new cabinetry and updates to existing ceiling and lighting features. The DOA request states that WERF is currently fundraising to contribute toward the cost of the project, but does not provide any dollar estimate for that contribution. DOA states that the improvements are needed, because the main floor kitchen has not been renovated since 1986 and that it is used to prepare food for over 15,000 visitors annually who attend receptions, dinners, meetings and public tours.

27 News has asked DOA for details on how much of the $478,700 would come from general fund borrowing and how much would come from contributions to WERF."


I have to agree with Jill here - let the Koch Brothers, and other Walker contributors pay for the renovations. The citizens of Wisconsin don't need to borrow another $500,000 to remodel a kitchen at this time.

So it serves 15,000? Big deal. It's working - and there is nothing wrong with it.

Let Tonette Walker raise the entire amount through WREF and be done with it.

Leading by example means that you do first what you tell others to do - don't follow the hypocritical model set by those in charge of The City of Racine.


ggodmuls....$500K for a kitchen? Chump change I say. Obama and is tribe will go on vacation in a week or so. Estimated cost? $4 Million. I'm thinking they should let the first annoited one and his group stay at the Gov's mansion. Cut them a rate and life will be good. Heck they can go ice skating and fishing on Lake Mendota. C'mon....get a picture in your mind of the Obama's sitting over a hole in the ice. Great for contemplation!


Tribe? Racist much? And don't for a second tell anyone your use of the word was innocent, we see right through you simpletons.

As for the president going on vacation, do presidents not deserve vacation? How about your little buddy GW Bush? He was on vacation more than any president in history, why you no cry about him when he was in office? Your just the typical right-wing-nut hypocrite who parrots things told to them by other parrots. Now go away!


On Tuesday, Walker said no taxpayer money would be used for the renovation. The proposal is to raise funds privately.

The governor said the kitchen isn't used by his family, but is used for hundreds of events at the residence every year.

"[Tonette Walker] doesn't use that kitchen. We use the one in Wauwautosa but it is an industrial-grade kitchen, one that hasn't been fixed for about a quarter of a century. The last time they made modifications was about the time I was in high school and it's falling apart," Walker said.




Jill, why don't you get in touch with your Unions and see if they would spend the $500,00.00 to redo the kitchen. Shouldn't be a problem for them. They have already spent in upwards of 30 million dollars trying to get into the Governors mansion.

granny grits

Would you mind pointing out where unions are part of this story or do you just hate them for giving you paid vacations, healthcare, living wage, on the job safety, etc.?


First granny, I find it ironic that you write this from a right to work state!!! Heaven forbid. And as far as benefits, am not a member of a union. As far as paid vacations go, yes I do get a couple of weeks, and if we are not busy, hooray, I get to use them. Yes I have health-care, paid for by myself. Living wage, what the heck is a living wage???? The harder I work the more I make through raises and incentives. And if I don't like what I am being paid, my employer will gladly tell me how to fill out my resignation form. And contrary to what you believe, the unions only push Job safety when there is something for them at the end of the rainbow. And please get off you high horse with you pompous union attitude, I was merely suggesting other ways to pay for the kitchen. About as extreme as hashing the dead Koch Brothers conspiracy. It's old, tired and worn out. When is the left going to come to grips that you lost the election. And not once but twice!

granny grits

The sad part is you seem to believe your own comments. Do you work at Walmart?

An American

Granny, you are so right on. The story has nothing to do with unions. It appears those who hate unions so much remind what a woman for sale is all about when the Koch brothers are out to buy and destroy the middle class. Keep it up Granny

Capt Wickett
Capt Wickett

I'll just bet that Jill wasn't concerned about state spending when Diamond Jim Doyle was raiding various designated funds and running up a three billion dollar deficit.

An American

Sell the Governor's mansion and save the taxpayers some money. The turbines are a great addition to responsible corporation that already is utilizing gas from the landfill. The Koch brothers would be against both of these suggestions, but then again in their mid 70's these multibillionairs have made a lot of money off other peoples misery. In fact, if politicians would admitt to investigations that indicate polution from Koch Industries (including Georgia Pacific) is contributing to cancer deaths.


Regarding the wind turbines at SCJ they are in Sturtevant not Mt. Pleasant. The comparison to the Dairy Queen is a moot point since Sturtevant had nothing to do with that. I think the LED sign and giant cow at the Summit are much more of a distraction.

I'm all for the turbines and I live in Sturtevant and would welcome more green energy sources in the area.

I've driven past many wind farms in Illinois and Iowa with hundreds of turbines and the noise is not very loud. The noises I hear at my job are much louder and bothersome.

Stop whining and get into the 21st century


Hey jill boyd are you upset because Gov Walker gets are a new kitchen. I guess something your union hack of a hubby wont do for your royal butt.

Here is a story on how and who will pay for it. The Wisconsin Department of Administration is asking the State Building Commission for $478,700 in general fund-supported borrowing for kitchen renovations at the governor’s mansion.

WKOW-TV (http://bit.ly/SMxyyT) reports the request for the revamp of both the first-floor kitchen and the second-floor private quarters kitchenette originally came from first lady Tonette Walker.

The first lady and members of the nonprofit Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation, or WERF, first pitched the idea of kitchen renovations to the State Capital and Executive Residence Board in September 2011.

The DOA request says the improvements are needed because the main-floor kitchen has not been renovated since 1986 and is used to prepare food for over 15,000 visitors annually.

The request says WERF is raising money to contribute toward the project but does not give an estimate.

Educate yourself before you speak union dumb


why would anyone care what a rude person posts. your demeanor reduces the value of your opinion.


I would also suggest that Jill do a little bit of research before she goes off on her ill tempered andhateful rant.

If she wereto do that she would find that renovations have been ongoing in the Governors Mansion for a number of years. Those renovations began back during the Doyle administration when the basement was done.

Did Jill hatefully suggest that Doyle get a political contributor to pay for those?

Jill needs to put aside her irrational hatred. It makes her appear quite the lunatic. Walker Derangement Syndrome is the clinical term for it and Jill is obviously suffering from a strong case.

granny grits

Did somebody in a union kick your dog?

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