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Vibromax America, a company once owned by Tenneco Inc. before becoming a private business in 1992, is more than tripling its space in Racine and has opened a new subsidiary.

Vibromax, 2823 Carlisle Ave., is a distributor of compaction equipment generally speaking, those machines with heavy rollers used for road construction and to prepare construction sites.

Since June, the company has operated a subsidiary called Machinery Depot America. It began when Vibromax became the exclusive distributor of machinery made by Thwaites, an English company that makes a rubber-tire vehicle with a bucket on the front to transport materials at construction jobs.

The Thwaites agreement provides Machinery Depot America with its first product line to distribute. Others are expected, said Larry Kapellusch, vice president of operations.

To accommodate the new business, Vibromax decided to expand, creating the subsidiary and buying the building next door at 2811 Carlisle Ave. That building now houses Creative Seasonings and Spices Inc., which is moving to The Renaissance business park in Sturtevant, Kapellusch said.

Vibromax saw an opportunity for a natural plant expansion and is constructing a link that will join the two buildings. When construction is completed, which is expected in April, Vibromax will have more than 60,000 square feet of space, he said.

The two companies, which employ 13 people, are owned by Ko Kryger, president and chief executive, and two partners who live in Germany Hermann au der Springe and Klaus Antony, Kapellusch said.

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