UNION GROVE – It’s an end of an era for Union Grove’s tall metal slides.

Within the next week or so, tall metal slides at three of Union Grove’s parks will become a thing of the past as they are removed.

The village’s insurance company said they must go, Union Grove Trustee Gordon Svendsen said Tuesday at a village Recreation and Parks Commission meeting.

It’s a move which many municipalities across the country have already made as equipment aged and new safer equipment has come out. Now, it’s Union Grove’s turn.

“When your grandkids are using the same slides your kids used it shows they have been here awhile,” said John Korzilus, a member of the parks commission.

Also he said when they got hot in the summer, kids used to burn themselves on them.

The parks where the slides will be removed are Indian Trail Park, Legion Park and Leider Park, said Shannon Malkasian, the village’s parks and recreation assistant.

She remembers when she was young growing up in Illinois, she used to slide down the old metal slides with wax paper underneath. She recognizes now that was dangerous. As a parent now, she is happy to see the Union Grove slides go because of how high they are.

But she said, “I think kids are going to be sad.”

At the same time, she said, “I’m anticipating what will replace them.”

At this point there is no village funding available to replace them, but Malkasian said the village only recently learned about the insurance liability. She said other private funding options will be explored to help replace the old slides in the future.

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