MOUNT PLEASANT — With Hostess Brands Inc. announcing last week that it would go out of business due to labor strife, the future of household favorites like Twinkies, Wonder Bread, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos remains uncertain.

On Saturday, we asked area residents outside of Pick ’n Save, 2820 South Green Bay Road, which Hostess classic they would miss most.

Robin Torgerson, 56, Sturtevant, works at ManpowerGroup Experis: “We were looking today for the Twinkies and the Ring Dings.”

Paul Torgerson, 58, works for a convenience store: “You’ve got them and you’ve got the Snowballs. Those will be the ones we miss. Oh, and the Wonder bread. I guess we will miss it all.”

Carmen Lassiter, 34, Racine, attorney: “I guess the cupcakes with the white icing on the top, because I used to eat those as a kid.”

Judy Chiappetta, 69, Mount Pleasant, retired: “I guess my grandchildren would miss the Twinkies and the Hostess CupCakes.”

Charles Gardner, 59, Racine, machinist: “If I miss anything it would probably be the Twinkies.”

Jacci Young, 57, Racine, dental hygienist: “As a kid, Suzie Q’s were probably my favorite but we don’t buy much any more. It’s sad to see a brand like that go though.”

Ed Young, 58, Racine, retired: “Actually I don’t eat any Hostess stuff, maybe a Twinkie here or there.”

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i have twinkies for sale lol..look for my craigslist ad

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I am back, did you graduate from the eighth grade yet? It's easy to see you're a sheep filled with Fox News propaganda. So 100 families making a decent wage putting twinkles in your school lunch is wrong, yet the fat cats of Hostess taking home million dollar bonuses for the last 25 years up to and including last year when they new the company was going bankrupt is okay? I see you too have been bitten by the greed. Either that or your just plain stupid. I'm tending to lean towards both.

Mean Jean

Everybody believes this BS about the union causing to company to close up that far from the truth, eight months ago they laid all their salesmen off, knowing that they were going down, Sales have been very bad since the healthy food fad went into full gear in the late Nineties, and their is someone in waiting in a different state with a new name for the same old junk food. This is all politic's giving the union a bad name, its helped many families make a decent living, and gave the stock holders a little less money. and the union and big business got along fine for over 100 years, its just the tea party that is greedy. In 2016 their going to run a sure thing, Condolisa Rice and Gov Rubio. can't lose, they'll get over half the countries vote. and all the Dems have is Hillary Clinton.

granny grits

It's just a continuation of republican attacks on the middle class and we know how well that turned out. Be patient, they are destroying their own brand with radical rhetoric.


All the bigwigs took huge bonuses last year as well, even as the company was sinking into bankruptcy. Some on the minority side will argue the amount in bonuses is largely outweighed by the union wages and benefits, an argument we've all heard before. You know, but Romney taking away funding for PBS was going to help out the nation's deficit to no end. The bigwigs have been overly fattening their pockets on the profits for years and when the money ran out they blamed it on the employees and the unions who were the ones who actually made all that money the fat cats stole.

I feel for the employees, but the company produced nothing but products that were full of chemicals and empty calories. I will not miss it. Good riddance!!!


Raspberry zingers. I know hostess only owned Dolly Madison for a short while, but a zinger and tall glass of ice cold milk was pretty nice.


The brands will live on dispite the poor management of the company. The rights to and the receipes for most of the products will be picked up at auction and will be made by others.


cup cake's and sizy Q's are my favorite.


I will miss a San Francisco Bay Area Bakery that produced Sourdough Bread since I was a child. There are new start up bakeries but Colombo goes way back and their round sourdougth loaf is all that. I do hope it is sold off and not lost.

II most certainly will not miss the closing of company that marketed sugar to children in the form of plastic wrapped chemically formulated mass produced product that has an infinite shelf life.

Just saying...I mean admitting to eating those ..which I have many MANY years right up there with partaking in pharmaceutical endeavors taken as a right of passage. Early on it was clear to me that the ingredients found in a Twinkie, were not found in normal bakeries.


I'gm gonna miss...18,000 jobs.

Romney's gone, but vulture capitalism lives on. Hostess Brands, the company that makes Twinkies, Ding Dongs and other desserts, filed for court permission to go out of business ---blaming a worker strike for the shutdown.
The Wall Street hedge fund managers who run the company have squeezed every cent out of Hostess for eight years. And they’ve put their friends with no experience in the baking industry in high-level management positions 
What’s happening here is a classic Bain Capital-style assault—blame the little guy to cover the greedy corporate policies that are gutting the middle class.
It’s not just happening to the workers who make the great products Americans love. What’s happening at Hostess is happening to workers all over this country. It’s wrong. And it has to stop.
Crony capitalism and poor management drove Hostess into the ground, not the workers who are now paying the price. In this struggling economy, the greedy corporate executives are willing to let 18,000 people lose their jobs—just so they can pad their pockets.
Hostess' executives are now blaming workers who’ve offered their company multiple concessions and want it to succeed. This is what’s wrecking our country.
Workers have borne the brunt of bad decision-making by executives who didn’t know anything about the baking business. And they’re the ones getting fired?
These brave workers need to know we stand with them—and we’ll stand with everyone who will take a stand against the corporate race-to-the-bottom.
Hostess workers are being scapegoated because they are standing up to corporate greed.
Hostess' executives are now blaming workers for poor decisions they made that drove Hostess into the ground.What’s happening here is a classic Wall Street tactic—blame the little guy so that they can cover their greedy corporate policies that are gutting the middle class. Sign this pledge to stand with Hostess workers and against the tide of corporate greed wrecking our economy.


Thank you--very well explained. We must stop blaming workers, private, government or otherwise for mismanagement and corporate greed.

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