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Uuuum.. let's review. You mention a God, (which one I am not certain;) a makebelieve creature, that is the most evil thing in fiction, a gentleman that is invisible, lives in the clouds but can't be seen, that you talk to when you want something that you can't get yourself, that wrote a book, but didn't really write it, that has spiritual, anointed followers that are rapists and pedophiles... what kind of a gateway drug is THAT? or maybe you've been smoking something yourself?


Sarge, you better wake up! not much time left brother!! everything is your choice...right to the end...i am sure there have been things happen in your life that you cannot explain, you just have not noticed...Take the time to do so...unharden that heart of sound really lost..


NO, This is a drug, and a proven gateway to worse drugs used, heroin, crack, cocaine.. this is nothing but the fall of morality, and right and wrong , this is the creep of evil, and decrepit fall of society as the bible says..end of days are surely here..this should not be a topic at all, next is purging and how old the gov't will let you get.. The great fall ...and California and the west coast will be the first to see strange things happen as well as New York...Gods signs and wrath will be evident to those who know to watch for them...and they are here!!

granny grits

Great satire.


Granny say, how you doing???.. Trump is awesome, loser socialist/commies...Not so much..Hildabeast ..headed to a cell block with Obama..and Comey and a few FBI agents..Traitors..the worst criminals ever in politics....Down go Dem's for good!!

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