RACINE — Turning 100 is one thing. Turning 100 on the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is another thing altogether.

To help celebrate that momentous occasion, Virginia Kiehlbauch of Racine has scored the perfect gift — an invitation to Mader’s Restaurant in Milwaukee for a historic supper.

Located at 1041 North Old World Third St. in Milwaukee, the landmark restaurant is offering an eight-course meal tonight modeled after the decadent 10-course meal served on the Titanic.

If Kiehlbauch is smart, she’ll spend most of today fasting. She’ll need to make room for seaweed-crusted shrimp, poached salmon with mousseline sauce, chicken lyonnaise, lamb with mint sauce, beef sirloin and French ice cream and peaches in chartreuse jelly.

Kiehlbauch, who was born in Chicago on April 15, 1912, is excited but said Thursday that she and others around her have never really made much of a fuss about her unique birth date.

“Usually if you tell them about the date, they say, oh ‘tax day,’ ” she said.

The one Titanic-related thing that she does remember, is that her mother hated that people were talking about the Titanic when she was giving birth.

“She couldn’t stand them talking about the disaster when she was in labor,” Kiehlbauch said.

Kiehlbauch has never seen the “Titanic” movie, but says her 10-year-old great grandson is very taken with the story. “His bedroom is decorated with blue water,” she said.

As for what Kiehlbauch credits for her longevity — other than being nearly blind she enjoys good health — it has nothing do to with being stuck in past.

“I just let the Lord guide my life from day to day,” she said. “I am not a worrier. I live in the present. These are some of the best years of my life.”

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