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Police siren lights light bar squad car

RACINE — Racine police were involved in a hunt Sunday night for a carjacking suspect from Milwaukee.

The area of the search, as of about 9 p.m., was the Park “bowl,” or valley not far from Park High School. According to Racine Police Sgt. Tim Koetting, about a week ago the suspect and an accomplice tried to carjack a car, and the victim shot the accomplice and killed him. Milwaukee police have been looking for the other male since then.

When Milwaukee police chased the suspect into Racine County, the Racine County Sheriff’s Office joined the chase, which then came into the City of Racine. The suspect was stopped near the intersection of Washington and Taylor avenues, then fled on foot.

Racine police did not have the suspect’s name, Koetting said, and the only description was of a male wearing a black-and-white jacket.

The Wisconsin State Patrol and Mount Pleasant Police Department also were involved in the pursuit.

People are advised not to enter the area that Racine police have blocked off because if they do try, Koetting said, they will be stopped and their identity checked. If people see something helpful to police, they should call 911 and report what they saw.


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