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RACINE — A Racine committee will discuss Tuesday whether to reduce the income for the mayor’s position down to a part-time level.

Alderman Henry Perez, who represents the city’s 12th District, proposed the conversation. He first suggested the city discuss the idea after former Mayor John Dicket announced he planned to leave his position mid-term to lead the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities initiative.

Perez could not be reached for comment Thursday, but he previously told The Journal Times that he does not believe the city needs both a full-time mayor and a city administrator. He said the City Council could play a bigger role.

City Council President Dennis Wiser, who is the alderman for the 10th District, said the mayor, as an elected official, does not have specific hours he must work. The only change the council could make would be to reduce the mayor’s income, he said.

Wiser said he doesn’t see a compelling reason at this time to make the change. Having filled the role between Dickert’s departure and Mayor Cory Mason taking office, Wiser said he believes the role demands full-time hours.

“I think there’s more than enough to keep the mayor busy,” he said.

Wiser said he is also concerned reducing the salary could narrow the pool of people willing to run for the position. The mayor’s seat earns $74,110.40 each year, according to Racine’s Human Resources department. Wiser said he’s aware of people who won’t run for the position now because of its salary.

The Committee of the Whole is scheduled to meet to discuss this topic at 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 730 Washington Ave.



Sari Lesk covers the City of Racine, Gateway and UW-Parkside. She is new to the community and moonlights as an amateur baker.

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