MOUNT PLEASANT — The village Planning Commission Thursday unanimously recommended approval for three road relocation orders related to the Foxconn project. The orders would pave the way for widening Braun Road, Highway H and International Drive.

The orders are being forwarded to the Village Board for consideration.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has been working with Mount Pleasant officials on designs for road construction related to the Foxconn facility. Both the village and Racine County have temporarily transferred jurisdiction of road construction within the area intended for the Foxconn project to the state.

Foxconn Technology Group plans to build a massive facility and campus on 1,198 acres between Interstate 94 and Highway H and between Highway KR and Braun Road.

Right of way widening

Jim Machnik, an acquisition consultant working with the village, presented the relocation orders to the commission and explained how designs for the roads have been evolving.

“The first relocation order gives us the opportunity to start the appraisal process and those assignments will be based on parts of that cross section that we know won’t change,” Machnik said. “Just in the last week the right of way on Braun Road expanded from 168 feet to 200 feet.”

Machnik said the expansion was determined based on where the sewer and water mains are proposed to be located.

“What we found was that there will be transmitter utilities, sewer and water, huge mains, that will be going through the Braun Road right of way,” Machnik said. “Those mains have to be on the outside of the pavement. We don’t want anything bursting and then ripping up a brand new road. So everything is off to the side, that’s why that roadway is so wide.”

A similar widening is also planned to occur with Highway H, Machnik said, widening it from 144 feet to 168 feet.

Machnik said these areas also account for areas to place snow and to allow for wide turns for semitrailers.

“We don’t want semis making a turn and hopping the curb and knocking out a signal or signal box,” Machnik said. “So all of that is taken into account in the design. And the design has just started a week or so ago.”



Ricardo Torres covers federal, state and Racine County politics along with the Village of Mount Pleasant. He bleeds Wisconsin sports teams.

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