David Stroupe of Racine and Mary Heil of Caledonia; Manuel Benitez of Racine and Marilu Ortiz of Burlington; Michael Utley and Aimee Core of Racine; Daniel Dahlke and Candice Hlavka of Racine; Michael Kirchmeier and Karin Jonsson of Racine; Bobby Salinas of Racine and Crystal Thoennes of Mount Pleasant; Leonard Arnouts of Racine and Jonafel Baranda of Rochester; Kyle Sikora of Racine and Nicole Jerman of New Berlin; Thomas Bruno and Jennifer Footit of Racine; Daniel O'Dea of Racine and Sarah Milroy of Burlington; Rick Kasper of Racine and Cheryl Alexander of Waterford; Steven Hantschel of Racine and Emily Kuechenmeister of Caledonia; Benjamin Wirkus of Racine and Amy Lain of Mount Pleasant; Timothy Cox of Racine and Linda Kochel of Caledonia; Christopher Stevens of Racine and Anna Rindo of Burlington; Patrick Rheaume and Jacqueline Shields of Alamosa, Colo.; Chad Lock and Jessica Larson of Racine; Charles Colette of Lake, Ill., and Patricia Sweeney of Libertyville, Ill.; Brian Hoecherl of Racine and Erika Mohr of Sturtevant; Stephen Ross of Minnesota and Amanda Crist of Eajan, Minn.; Andrew Jungbluth of Racine and Jennifer Myhre of Rochester; Steve Baca and Saleda Ramos of Racine; Gary Lavalle and Leanne Dorval of Racine; Joshua Dobson of Racine and Constance Beech of Caledonia; Brian Held of Racine and Angela Timmers of Rochester; Juan Bonilla and April Hicks of Racine; Matthew Hegeman of Racine and Amy Kastenson of Raymond.

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