NRA’s real clients

More than 30 people per day have been shot dead with guns in America for years. It was only when 26 were massacred at a school in Newtown (plus the shooter and his mother) that the people have finally noticed. There may be enough courage in Congress to finally act, but only on timid measures.

The NRA’s propaganda machine is operating at full speed, and there is much mythology about the Second Amendment. Until 2009, the Supreme Court interpreted it to mean that states can regulate gun laws, but in 2008 the Supreme Court finally accepted the interpretation of the NRA that it is about guns for personal safety. When conservatives want to, they insist on original intent, but not here.

The original intent was twofold: A check on the federal government if it bullied states, and getting a state militia to the scene of a crisis quicker than the federal army could respond. Within a few decades, both these concerns had become moot, and the Second Amendment was obsolete. Its revival is pretty much the work of the NRA.

Now, most NRA members, as well as practically every one else, wants a tightening of our gun laws to inhibit mass shootings. The NRA’s resistance exposes its real clients — not its members, but gun makers and sellers.

Frank N. Egerton


Conservative bias

Excuse me, but The Journal Times’ conservative bias is getting very obvious. Why does the appearance of Congressman Ryan before a partisan political gathering deserve two (not one but two) front-page articles with banner headlines and multiple photos? This was not a meet and greet or Town Hall event. It was a forum for Mr. Ryan to pitch his “We know what’s best for the country” ideas.

The current election cycle is over. Surely there was more important, front-page-worthy news than another tired political speech aimed at the true believers.

Les Pacholski


What will it take to wake us up?

Does anybody care about the path that the United States is on right now? Drone airplanes, used to bomb Iraq and other nations, are now being used over U.S. cities to spy on us. Unconstitutional police checkpoints are being set up across our country and yes, even in Wisconsin.

Washington just passed a debt-ceiling deal that does not cut one penny from spending; in fact, it increases our debt further. Gun-grabbers are feverishly working to install the United Nations’ “Small Arms Treaty” that will lead to gun confiscation.

And we have a Common Council, a true example of government corruption, complete with backroom deals. One of the very few voices of reason, Alderman Fair, is continually attacked for speaking truth; it is refreshing to see such honesty from an elected official. So what will it take to wake us up? Ten dollars for a loaf of bread? Ten dollars for a gallon of gas? Gun confiscation? Hyper-inflation? A Third World War?

Ricky Jarstad


Do your homework on assault rifles

Next time you do a story on King Obama trying to take our assault rifles away, do your homework.

Never has there been an “assault rifle” sold in the United States.

When I joined the Army in 1969, they handed me an M-16 rifle — that was an assault rifle because when you pulled the trigger it kept shooting until the magazine was empty. Those sold in the United States today are nothing more than any other semiautomatic rifle or shotgun in my safe. It will only shoot one round every time you pull the trigger.

I just wanted you to get it right. I know also that you won’t print this letter because it doesn’t scare people half to death. That’s the way newspapers work. We “gotta scare them to death so we can sell more newspapers.”

James Miller


Dickert wants to ignore city’s ills

I read the commentary (Journal Times, Jan. 21) that Mayor Dickert wrote in regards to CAR25 and its programming.

After reading the entire article, here is what I walked away hearing from the mayor: CAR 25 should stop airing the negative things about Racine and only air the positive about Racine.

Translation: Let’s not fix what is wrong with the city, let’s just ignore it.

Great solution to the city’s issues, Mayor.

Angelo Karamitos


Thanks, Dr. Perry

I would like to recognize and thank retired veterinarian Dr. Curt Perry for his eight years of service to Countryside Humane Society. Dr. Perry performed thousands of operations in service to the Racine community. His dedication made pet ownership more available to countless citizens by providing free or low- cost service for their pets.

With the continuing escalations of veterinary costs, his service has been invaluable to many pet owners. In addition, the numerous neutering services he provided has helped to contain the growth of animals for which there may not have been a loving home available.

Becky Marston


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Whoever believes our founding fathers created the second amendment to protect deer hunting is an idiot. - Ted Nugent


why argue with a moron. It does no good and I don't want to get your depends a wadded up

An American

No arument, just facts that you can't handle. By the way, you have a lot of explaining to do regarding your church and its support for A D Olf. Besides, we know:

Tea Party or Teapot -- one of the same:
I'm a little teapot
Short and stout
here’s is my handle
here is my spout
When I get all steamed up
Hear me shout
"Tip me over
and pour me out!"


Looke here!

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee says it is going broke and wants a bankruptcy judge to allow it to suspend payments to attorneys and consultants.

God has failed to provide!

Bye bye Catholic child molestors!

An American

This is the:
Letter of Resignation Sent By Bush to Rifle Association
Published: May 11, 1995

Following is the letter of resignation sent last week by former President George Bush to the National Rifle Association: May 3, 1995

Dear Mr. Washington,
I was outraged when, even in the wake of the Oklahoma City tragedy, Mr. Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of N.R.A., defended his attack on federal agents as "jack-booted thugs." To attack Secret Service agents or A.T.F. people or any government law enforcement people as "wearing N a zi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms" wanting to "attack law abiding citizens" is a vicious slander on good people.

Al Whicher, who served on my [ United States Secret Service ] detail when I was Vice President and President, was killed in Oklahoma City. He was no N a zi. He was a kind man, a loving parent, a man dedicated to serving his country -- and serve it well he did.

Read more at:

An American

By the way, the Republican god Ronald Reagan also was against assault rifles, supporting the ban against them.


Blah, Blah, Blah.

While the right to bear arms is regularly debated in the court of public opinion, it is the Supreme Court whose opinion matters most. Yet despite an ongoing public battle over gun ownership rights, until recent years the Supreme Court had said very little on the issue.

Your opinion is unsupported by the Court.

Who cares what you think anymore about guns - when chaos comes - you'll be glad you are appropriately armed. Guns are useful for self-defense and killing bad guys.

Keep whining - because you can only get tired.

An American

Who do you think you are, Jdummy? I didnt offer you my oppion, but rather that of George HW Bush, and a statement about Ronald Reagan. You couldn't possibly disagree with these two godly Republicans, could you?


in reality I could careless what color obamy is. All I know he SUCKS as president. And I see nothing to change my opinion with the start of his second constitutal wreaking term.


More Obamanation!

An Obamanation is the destruction of a nation caused by a voter base that believes in the hollow promises of government officials and electoral processes and blindly elects said officials to run civil affairs thus tottaly destroying the hope for change that said voters desired.


the only racist here are the no facts obamy trolls.


kid stuff you really need to look deeper into your facts George H.W Bush gave up his NRA membership. Sorry to pop your bush wet dream

kid stuff

@jrunny...whatever! Neither of the bushes caused me to have any dreams. You are one of those that I mentioned about racism. I also don t need a link to one of your propaganda sources.

kid stuff

It seems that some people would like to put all the blame on this president.. If I recall, President Bush (Dubya) withdrew his membership in the NRA. Why is it that the 2nd amendment is the only one that is front and center? You never heard about it until "we the people" elected an African American as president, not once, but twice! Seems like racism to me.


That's the ticket.

Throw the race card.

You can always tell when a liberal cannot make a valid point. They throw the race card as if it is the ultimate trump.

Pathetic. Comical, but pathetic.


Mr. Egerton has fallen for the liberal talking point and propped up the NRA as the big bad bogeyman in the gun control debate.

But, the NRA is not the all powerful political machine that the left would have us believe.

At last count the NRA had about 4.2 million members. Now we know that there is somewhere between 200-300 million guns in private hands in the US. Simply looking at the those numbers shows that the vast majority of gun owners are NOT NRA members.

Further, the NRA spent about $10 million on political causes during the last election cycle. That amount is dwarfed by the money Obama recieved in a single Hollywood fundraiser.

Here's the fact. Obama needed a straw man to erect in the gun control debate. The NRA was the straw man. Even though they have little influence, Obama will throw anybody, friend or foe under the bus if it fits his agenda.

Obama and his gun grabbing pals see the Newtown shooting as a "foot in the door" moment in their gun grabbing desires. Today it will be the so called "assault weapon", the next time it will be some other scarey weapon, then another and another until the 2nd amendment is rendered pointless.

He must notbe allowed to succeed.


The NRA is not the bad actor in the debate as the government tries to paint them with a real broad brush. Outoftowner is projecting the statistics to make the point that the NRA is not the only dog in this hunt. People do need to wake up in the US and not let their heart speak for their heads, while individual rights are being taken and/or eroding away. The "Patriot Act" which allows wiretaps and warrantless arrests of citizens is still on the books. Yes, it was direct at the terrorists, but the law can be applied under any circumstances. If it would be up to the Democrats every gun in the US today would be taken away and it is in the history following the 1994 AW ban. It was their intent that the law would be only the start to significantly remove guns and ammunition from the hands of Americans like what has happened in AU and the UK. Gun murder rates in those countries did drop, but violent crime including other murders went up about 500%. Now their Ministry of Health is calling for banning large kitchen knives by private owners because of the significant stabbing resulting in death in that country.


It's simple. I you didn't vote for him, willing to follow him while he brings the country down to the level of a 3rd world banana republic, or look up to him like he's God...then you're racist...


Notice how the team allows liberals to call conservatives pos. hypocrites run the paper, and just slant the news. They should be running daily updates on the miss management of our city.

If Dickert ran the Brewers like he does our city I think the paper would say something.


The battle for Racine is lost. The Dickert Disaster is the final blow from which the City will never recover. $20M+ in new debt - and nothing to show for it. It's been long forgotten that city government is there to provide Police, Fire, Courts, Streets, Garbage, Water and Sewer - and do it at a reasonable cost. With those basic services, provided through tax dollars, a structure is put in place for private business interests to run successful enterprises in a City, and build a thriving tax base. As long as government doesn't get too greedy, the tax base can grow, or be maintained, and all can share in the prosperity.

Racine chose to not value it's manufacturing tax base - and let it go. Racine is now uncompetitive, and unattractive to business. What has been forgotten is that business is in business to make money - it is not marsupial bridges, bike paths, or kayak rentals that attract business.

Now Racine is stuck with a Mayor who has stars in his eyes - and dreams of running an Empire - but unable to find any financial backing for his ideas in private business - is attempting to force the taxpayers to pay for his Empire through taxation. The Delusional Field of Dreams.

IF Porters, a collection of old and run down building with a market value of -0-, was a viable and profitable idea, the Developers and Realtors of Racine would be all over it. They are not. Where are the Racine Developers and Realtors? Why - they're down at City Hall - looking for a taxpayer handout, funded at prevailing wage rates! Make work for preferred contractors, on borrowed millions, to be paid back by the taxpayers, that won't add $1 to the tax base, but it will require more debt service.

Water Parks, Marsupial Bridges, Decorative LED lights, and now a Movie Production Empire! The latest brainstorm straight from the Mayor's Office. Car 25, with the magic of borrowed millions will make Racine, WI. the Hollywood of the Midwest. Really? IF Racine builds it, they will come..... just like Uptown Artists and so many other failed projects...

Ask yourself - If this plan for Car 25 was rooted in reality - why are the taxpayers being asked to fund it? How much more revenue will the $5M roundabout bring in through increased business activity?... Why isn't the Mayor quitting his political career to develop and run these Enterprises he claims will be profitable ventures? Where are the private investors? Ah yes - the Fools of Racine and their money are parted daily.....


Right on Angelo. We need to kick these crooks out, and their media control. Top ten in ten he says! He should resign, but he's to excited to smile to his sheep at Wilsons.


99% of all gun violence in America occurred in Democrat Voting Districts. 12% of all gun violence occurred in one City, Chicago, and they don't let the good people own guns in Chicago.

The lies are being perpetuated by the left to take away our divisions of power. They're doing it nationally also in our government. They're trying to make our country into an oligarchy.

It's simple to see that the constitution slows down their power grabs, and it may be too late. We don't even understand what their doing to our debt without passing a budget in the senate controlled by liberals who only care about power.

In the War Austria surrendered without a fight because they were promised national healthcare, and jobs. We need to stand on our own feet. Stop letting the government steal all of our money, and we'll get paid enough to buy insurance, healthcare, and more. The wool is fully pulled over An American, but we need a non-violent revolution.


I have to say Frank that before your letter I never considered joining the NRA but thanks to you, I’m going to do it. I have never been confused about the intent nor meaning behind the second amendment. I can read and understand English but then again I am not a student of RUSD. I can guarantee you that the amendment is not obsolete. Ask yourself this question Frank, why has nobody in the last 175 years attacked the US on land? So it takes the shooting of children for people to notice and not the 11,000 you say are shot every year for many years. Well, I’ve noticed it but like you I have no solution for the problem.


Ricky...You're correct that the fed gov't is totally out of control...It seems some people don't see their freedom is dwindling away a little more each day...I guess they believe the "it's for your own good" or "it's for your safety" sayings...And only "we the people" can stop it.


Mr. Egerton......I find it ironic that you use the protection of one amendment to protect your right to say and post what you think,,,,,but would be so quick to abandon another amendment put into place by our founding fathers to help protect those rights. While you have a use for one,,,,you show disdain and a lack of understanding for another. You also mis-judge those of who have constitutional beliefs. While the NRA is the most visible, there are many less visible who believe in the second amendment. As one other posted here...."Don't be a typical ignorant anti gun liberal"!


and how call obamy king racist. Honestly he is more dictator.


Mr. Egerton...Don't be a typical ignorant anti gun liberal...The NRA is nothing compared to those of us that are not members but are real Americans that believe in the Constitution...We are much more powerful than the NRA...You will not stop mass killings by getting rid of guns...Just more gruesome mass killings by other means.


King Obama? Someone is a racist P O S...


He acts like a king by treating the constitution like toilet paper...A real dictator...If it's not my way,it's no way...How do you get "racist" out of that???


Someone is a confused and desperate Democrat... It's the idiot who's always on vacation....

How did Obama issue his gun control measures? By Executive Order - just like a King.

Here's your hat... now wear it!

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