MOUNT PLEASANT — The Wisconsin Humane Society’s Racine County campus is seeking donations to help cover veterinary expenses for a now three-legged pooch.

The dog WHS dubbed Jerome has been a bit of a star on the group’s Racine County campus Facebook page. He was previously pictured with one broken foreleg in a splint. That leg has now been amputated.

The dog was found by an anonymous good Samaritan near Douglas Avenue and Kingston Avenue with serious injuries. The finder tried to bandage his wounds, kept him overnight and brought him in to WHS on Jan. 12.

Veterinary staff suspected Jerome’s wounds resulted from an attack by another dog bad enough to break his leg.

“With severe puncture wounds all over his body, a makeshift splint for his leg and a cut on his neck, Jerome was in terrible shape,” WHS said in a news release. “Although his cries of pain were hard to hear, we knew that we could help this 9-month-old puppy.”

Ultimately, the dog’s fracture was too serious and the leg too infected to save and it was surgically amputated on Monday.

“Dogs that have amputations have excellent prognoses, especially when they’re young,” said WHS spokeswoman Angela Speed, who has a three-legged dog herself. “They adjust more easily than an older dog, if they’re totally healthy otherwise.”

Jerome is now recovering comfortably at the WHS Racine County campus, 2706 Chicory Road, Mount Pleasant.

It will be at least a week or two — perhaps several weeks — before he’ll be healthy enough to be put up for adoption, Speed said. Because of his high visibility on Facebook, unlike some dogs, WHS will not take an adoption hold for him.

Because Jerome’s medical bills will exceed $1,500, WHS is asking for donations to help pay for his care. Contributions will go directly to his medical care and to the care of other animals at the Racine campus recovering from injuries, illness and abuse.


How to help

Wisconsin Humane Society is accepting donations for Jerome’s medical costs of more than $1,500. People can find a link to donate online at

Or send checks to the WHS Racine campus at 2706 Chicory Road, Racine, WI 53403.

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I will give money for a dog when this country stops killing Babies. Its not a person who cares Right


He wasn't found. He was brought in after he was hurt by another dog and needing medical attention.

Kay Nine


Good job not providing the link, MICHAEL BURKE

JT Online Staff
JT Online Staff

@kevinsmom68 (and others) - The link to donate was included in our print version, but inadvertently was left off the online version of the story.

The story has been updated with the link to the donation page.

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