YORKVILLE — First the Color Run came to Racine County. Next up, the Electric Run.

The county’s tourism bureau, Real Racine, announced the Electric Run Milwaukee/Racine is coming to the Racine County Fairgrounds Aug. 24. The 5K nighttime run will start at 8 p.m. that night, winding its way through a course lit by dazzling light displays synchronized to electric dance music, the bureau stated.

The first Electric Run was held in November in Orange County Calif., tourism bureau Special Events Director Kari Dawson said Wednesday.

But already a map on the event’s website shows scheduled runs from coast to coast. That map identifies Milwaukee — not Racine — but Dawson said that all marketing materials will mention both cities.

Weather-proof lights will be strung along the course in trees, synchronized to electronic dance music, Dawson said. The course will also pass through about 10 fairgrounds barns, each containing “more theatrical, Las Vegas-type” light shows.

The $100,000 Electric Run light show is so extensive it requires three days to set up, and the event costs $250,000 to stage, Dawson said.

The run/walk will end at the grandstand where there will be a laser light display, disc jockey and large outdoor dance party.

In addition to the lights, each participant will receive an event shirt, LED bracelet, glow necklace and glow glasses.

Dawson said the event can accommodate 10,000 people, and the tourism bureau is hoping for 5,000. Spectators will be welcome, beer and food will be sold and parking will be free.

The Color Run, which came to Racine last summer and comes back this year, indirectly led to the Electric Run, Dawson said. The owners of each are good friends, and when she heard about the Electric Run series, “I had a feeling it would take off the way the Color Run did.”

Dawson said she called Electric Run founder-owner Dan Hill of Utah “and said, ‘Can you come to Racine?’ He said no,” because Hill didn’t think he could break even here.

But Hill was very interested in Milwaukee, and Dawson started pricing venues such as Miller Park and State Fair Park. Then she proposed the far cheaper Racine County Fairgrounds, saying Hill could technically call it a Milwaukee race but advertise it as Milwaukee/Racine. He agreed.

“People from northern Illinois will be more excited to have it in Racine,” Dawson added.

“I find events that want to come to Milwaukee,” she remarked, “but then I convince them that Racine is a better option.”


Registration opened Wednesday morning at www.electricrun.com. The initial entry fee is $45 or $40 apiece for teams of four or more, but prices rise with time. Receive a $5 discount by 11:59 p.m. Friday with the code MILVIP.

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Give Me a Break

Oh lighten up. People can't have any fun anymore.
I've already signed up for this. Can't wait.

T h i n k
T h i n k

I understand this event will benefit some charity...but nowhere do they say who the charity is?


I think it's great that this will be held on the fairgrounds instead of on city streets. These people come and inflict themselves upon a neighborhood for the sole purpose of making money. When you deny me access to my home because of one of your parties, as happened with the Color Run last year, then you're violating civil rights. Your "right" to party does not trump basic human rights. .

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