1. The Milwaukee Bucks franchise was created in January 1968. How many months ago was this?

2. The Milwaukee Brewers were created in 1969. In 1982, the Milwaukee Brewers had their only World Series appearance to date. How many years did it take the Milwaukee Brewers to get into the World Series?

3. Super Bowl XLVII was watched by 108.41 million people. If the population of the United States of America is 315,359,840, what percentage of the U.S. population was watching the Super Bowl? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

4. The following Green Bay Packer players were inducted into the Hall of Fame in various years. In 1970, Cal Hubbard, Curly Lambeau, John McNally and Mike Michalske, in 1972, Arnie Herber, Clarke Hinkle and Don Hutson, in 1973, Tony Canadeo, in 1974, Jim Ringo, in 1975, Willie Davis, Paul Hornung, Henry Jordan, Vince Lombardi and Jim Taylor, in 1977, Forrest Gregg, Bart Starr and Willie Wood, in 1978, Ray Nitschke, in 1981, Herb Adderley, in 1991, Jan Stenerud, in 1999, James Lofton, and in 2006, Reggie White was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Which year had the most players inducted in the Hall of Fame? And which year did Vince Lombardi get inducted into Hall of Fame?

5. The team’s nickname, “Badgers,” was borrowed from the state of Wisconsin. The territory was dubbed the “Badger State,” not because of animals in the region, but rather an association with lead miners in 1820. Prospectors came to the state looking for minerals. Without shelter in the winter, the miners had to “live like badgers” in tunnels burrowed into hillsides. The badger mascot was adopted by the University of Wisconsin in 1889. What is the difference in years between the naming of the Wisconsin Badgers and the lead miners coming to Wisconsin?


1. 542 months

2. 13 years

3. 34.4 percent

4. 1975; 1975

5. 69 years

Sandeep Reddy, a freshman at The Prairie School, is the facilitator of the After-School Math Club. The club, for students in second through eighth grades, meets from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesdays at the Racine Public Library. To register for the After-School Math Club, stop by the desk at the library to sign up, contact the library at (262) 636-9245 or register through the library’s website: www.racinelibrary.info. Email afterschoolmathclub@gmail.com with any feedback or questions about the questions above.

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