RACINE — Kids First Fund has awarded 79 grants totaling $24,240.82 for projects and programs at 34 Racine Unified School District locations.

The Kids First Fund grants, approved in October, went to the following programs submitted by Racine Unified School District staff members:

  • Art appreciation — painting, drawing, sculpture: Kristin Cushman, Giese Elementary School.
  • Artist supplies for third grade: Tosha Tessen, Mitchell Elementary School.
  • Auditory Enhancement Center help for speech students: Kelli Viertel, Red Apple Early Childhood.
  • Bean bags and PBIS incentives: Laura Sweeti, West Ridge Elementary School.
  • Beautiful Buttons — class button-making business: Brittany Baumgart, Park High School.
  • Books, bags and bean bag chairs: Mary Kae Laing, West Ridge Elementary School.
  • Calm Down Caddies — help with students’ emotions: Molly Jensen, North Park Elementary School.
  • Flooring for Case Fitness Dance Studio: Ashley Sturdevant, Case High School.
  • Trip to Sound of Music: Debra Schwartz, Johnson Elementary School.
  • Students and Civil War Re-enactors: Meghan Wahn, Mitchell Middle School.
  • Collaboration for School Beautification: Megen Goers, Racine Alternative.
  • Common Sense Economics: Eugene Taylor, Case High School.
  • Culinary Skills groceries for cooking program: Brittany Baumgart, Park High School.
  • Daily 5 Nooks and Niches classroom reading area: Carrie Renzulli, Fratt Elementary School.
  • Dancing Around the World: Diane Brooks, Starbuck Middle School.
  • Visit Chicago Mexican art museum: Daisy Tejeda, Fratt Elementary School.
  • Examine data-driven instruction: David Venne, Case High School.
  • Choir concerts and trips: Julie Vodicka, Dr. Jones Elementary School.
  • Field trip to Camp Timberlee: David Thorson, Knapp Elementary School.
  • Field trip to Blood Center Health Youth medical activity: Linda Borneman, Case, Park and Horlick high schools.
  • Green Meadows Farm field trip: Kathleen Gueldenzopf, Julian Thomas Elementary School.
  • Fifth-graders meet Hispanic professionals: Kathryn Bedoian, Roosevelt and Giese Elementary schools.
  • Flipped Classrooms for math classes: Katlynn Sayles, Gilmore Middle School.
  • Incorporate positive behavior system: Rachelle Bartels, Fratt Elementary School.
  • Fun and Comfy easels and soft chairs: Sara Stewart, Gifford Elementary School.
  • Trip to German-American art exhibit: Greg Smith, Horlick High School.
  • Gifford Little Publishers: Jeremy Topczewski, Gifford Elementary School.
  • Class set of “I Am Malala” novel: Alice Erven, Janes Elementary School.
  • GMS STEM project: Bryan Wright, Gilmore Middle School.
  • Guided Reading/Daily 5: Susan Verwey, West Ridge Elementary School.
  • Guided Reading implementation: Margaret Morgan, Mitchell Elementary School.
  • Hispanic heritage assembly: Letty Nyamatutu, The REAL School.
  • Materials for small group math: Julie Evje, Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary School.
  • Holiday Folk Fair: Nick Brooks, Mitchell Middle School.
  • In-depth Racine history research: Charlene Harteau, Gilmore Middle School.
  • Hands-on music program: Ellen Christensen, Horlick High School.
  • Overnight trip to Camp Edwards: Shana Fields, Wadewitz Elementary School.
  • Larger table project: Nancy Huennekens, Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Letter and Sounds Station: Nicole Meteyard, Wadewitz Elementary School.
  • Leveled Readers 1: Marylou Majowski, Red Apple Elementary School.
  • Leveled Readers 2: Cynthia Ritter, Red Apple Elementary School.
  • Link Crew orientation and transition program: Emily Koepnick, Horlick High School.
  • Living room Reading: Margaret Kahn, Starbuck Middle School.
  • Living the Learner Profiles: Lisa Lequia McKinley Middle School.
  • Lords and Ladies Drill Team: Geraldine Bodi, Mitchell Middle School.
  • Make It Memorable hands-on math: Janelle Jetzer, Dr. Jones Elementary School.
  • Math in the Modern World: Randy Sorenson, Mitchell Middle School.
  • Milwaukee Museum Tour: Kate Mooney, Starbuck Middle School.
  • Student visit from Montelimar, France: Heather Godley, Case High School.
  • Mosiac tile mural: Robin Kinney, Turning Point Academy.
  • Lab workbooks for ninth grade: Kara Klaves, Case High School.
  • Outward Beauty, Inward Beauty: Susan Margraff, Horlick High School.
  • Monthly drawing for perfect attendance awards: Henry Reichenbach, Gilmore Middle School.
  • Personalized learning goal: Cinda Poppe, Gilmore Middle School.
  • School-wide PBIS behavior program: Kelly Mixdorf, Mitchell Middle School.
  • Project Counseling Corner: Kristin Gibson, Mitchell Elementary School.
  • Qualitative Analysis chemistry projects: Jon Christian, Walden III High School.
  • Racine Early Intervention 1: Angela Sadowski, Julian Thomas Elementary School.
  • Racine Early Intervention 2: Teresa Wiesztort, Goodland Elementary School.
  • REAL TRX Training: Michael Schmidt, The REAL School.
  • “The Nutcracker” holiday program: JoEllyn Zenisek, Roosevelt Elementary School.
  • Third-graders to Camp Timberlee: Rachel Gravunder, Schulte Elementary School.
  • Sensational Centers: Jamie Harlos, Gifford Elementary School.
  • Student Authors: Kathleen Kis, Wadewitz Elementary School.
  • Student of the Month recognition program: Marilyn Ferg, Horlick High School.
  • Trip to Sound of Music: Bonnie Panka, Wadewitz Elementary School.
  • The Spoken Word developing oral language: Elvis Sanchez, Fratt Elementary School.
  • Music composition software: David Kapralian, Park High School.
  • Trip to Milwaukee Art Museum: Sara Pina, The REAL School.
  • Books Improve Reading: Rose Grauwels, Jerstad-Agerholm Elementary School.
  • Classroom rug and welcome mat: Samantha Bradshaw, Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary School.
  • Johnson Elementary performs “Jungle Book Kids”: Alex Kayser, Johnson Elementary School.
  • Mitchell Middle musical: John Schuessler, Mitchell Middle School.
  • Mitchell Middle “Press Crew”: Kelli Steenrod, Mitchell Middle School.
  • PBIS acknowledgements: Mary Cline, Jerstad-Agerholm Elementary School.
  • Sassy to Classy: Lisa Arvai, Jerstad-Agerholm Middle School.
  • Science Enrichment: Marianne Cooper, Wadewitz Elementary School.
  • Tool Overhaul: Mandy Monnot, Horlick High School.
  • Writing About Culture: Jessica Schultz, Jones Elementary School.

Kids First Fund provides grants for programs and projects that enhance the learning experience for Racine Unified School District students. Grant applications are accepted from Racine Unified School District classroom teachers and staff members.

The application deadline for the next round of grants is Jan. 31. Visit the Kids First Fund website http://kidsfirstfundracine.org for an application form and instructions.


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