BURLINGTON — The Burlington Area School District’s Board of Education has passed its 2017-18 budget and certified its levy.

The district’s general fund expenditures are projected to increase from $18,342,439 in 2016-17 to $18,574,374 for 2017-18, an increase of $231,935 or 1.26 percent.

District Superintendent Peter Smet said the majority of the school’s expenses are salaries and benefits, which increased this school year. Another large line item that increased is the repair and maintenance costs for facilities.

The total tax levy for the district, set by the board Monday night, is $21,144,836, an increase of $224,104, or 1.07 percent, from the $20,920,732 levied for the 2016-17 school year.

However, the equalized tax rate decreased from $10.58 per $1,000 of valuation to $10.40, a decrease of 1.63 percent because property values rose by 2.74 percent.

A house valued at $150,000 that would have been assessed $1,580 in property taxes in 2017 would be at $1,560 in 2018.

That is less than what the district predicted the tax rate would be in June, when officials thought they would require a 2.52 percent increase in the total levy.

Smet said the district received more state aid than district officials had estimated. This year, the school district received $232,000 in state aid, but the tax levy increased because the district’s expenditures increased by $280,000.

The district serves the city and town of Burlington and portions of Rochester and Dover in Racine County, and portions of the towns of Lyons, Spring Prairie and East Troy in Walworth County.



Christina Lieffring covers the Burlington area and the Village of Caledonia. Before moving to Racine, she lived in Nebraska, Beijing, Chicago and grew up in Kansas City.

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