RACINE — Scholarship applications are available for the 2013 Miss Latina Racine Scholarship.

Eligible participants should meet the following criteria:

Be a resident of Racine County for a minimum of one year prior to applying; are of Latino heritage on one or both sides of the family; female 17 to 24 years old by Sept. 1; currently a full-time student in high school, accredited college, university or technical school; and maintain a minimum 2.5 grade-point average.

Miss Latina Racine contestants must be available for appearances; students attending school out of state must be willing to travel at their own expense to meet appearance requirements. If applying to the Miss Latina Racine Scholarship Program, applicants will be required to attend an orientation and all events authorized by the Miss Latina Racine Scholarship Corp.

To apply applicants must submit an entry form cover, a copy of your Wisconsin driver’s license or Wisconsin State identification, a copy of your birth certificate, copy of current transcript and two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation must be mailed directly to the P.O. Box from the writer. Letters from family members and friends not considered. Write a summary list of your interests, activities and community work; make note of any leadership positions. Write a brief autobiography describing your academic strengths and challenges. Describe your field of study and your career objectives. Write a statement describing the reasons for applying to this scholarship. Describe how your experience and interests support the mission of the Miss Latina Racine Scholarship Corp. Write an essay about the platform you have chosen, why you chose it, and the work you have been involved in or would like to do related to your platform if chosen as Miss Latina Racine.

Submissions must be postmarked by June 7. Mail application documentation packet to: Application Coordinator, P.O. Box 085836, Racine, WI 53408. For more info, contact Sandra Villarreal at (262) 498-2690 or email miss_latina_racine@yahoo.com.

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