WIND POINT — Since Dylan Hoffman won a Google logo design contest last year, the excitement and dollars have been rolling in for him and The Prairie School.

Prairie received $55,000 in technology money and art supplies while Dylan, a third-grader, received a $30,000 college scholarship, was interviewed on the NBC “Today” show and served as the honorary junior grand marshal for Racine’s Fourth of July parade, according to Google and Prairie staff.

“It’s like having a real-life celebrity in our midst,” said Kathy Boero, head of the Primary School at Prairie, 4050 Lighthouse Drive. Boero is quick to note Dylan hasn’t let it all go to his head, though. “He has a definite passion for art he shares with some of his friends but I have never seen Dylan being anything other than a wonderful friend.”

Dylan was named the national winner of the Doodle 4 Google contest in May, when he was in the second grade. The contest invited students from kindergarten to 12th grade to design a Google homepage logo. Dylan’s hand-drawn, pirate-themed logo won after judging and online voting processes.

The win netted Prairie a $50,000 technology grant which helped pay for teacher training, as Prairie this school year implemented iPad-based instructional programs that put the devices in the hands of most students, said Klay Shannon, Prairie’s technology director.

“We had a large Apple instruction day” where Apple staff came in to train teachers, Shannon said. “It’s a big initiative, so it was great to know we had some (funding) relief.”

Prairie also received $5,000 worth of Crayola art supplies, including markers, glue sticks, clay, paintbrushes and sketchbooks. Each student received a Crayola crayon box with Dylan’s logo printed on the front, Boero said.

Dylan’s not sure if he’ll enter this year’s Doodle 4 Google contest, which is accepting entries, but that doesn’t mean he’s not involved.

“I already helped a friend do one,” Dylan said. The contest asks students to draw a Google logo depicting their “best day ever.” “His best day ever was catching his first fish. I gave him the idea the E could be the motor at the back of the boat.”

The attention Dylan’s received around Prairie since winning is nice, he said, because “I feel like I’m a puzzle piece to the school.”

 Entering your doodle

This year’s Doodle 4 Google contest asks K-12 U.S. students to create a Google homepage logo that depicts their best day ever. Entries must be received by March 22.

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