RACINE — The new managers for the county-owned Reefpoint Marina are taking charge, identifying and addressing issues from staffing to cleanliness, according to a report released by the company.

Hired by the county to oversee marina operations and outreach, Milwaukee-based Siegel-Gallagher assessed the situation and solicited boater opinions, then presented the resulting operations overview to the County Board’s finance committee last week.

Siegel-Gallagher took over management in May, and started its tenure by talking to boaters to find out where improvements were needed. Consultant John Matheson tallied the resulting comments and complaints in an occasionally harsh 20-page report.

“... a common complaint was lack of follow-through on requests for repairs,” the report states. “Some boaters mentioned requesting ... the same work going back to last year with no action. There is no process for work orders to be initiated, assigned, completed, logged, or checked for quality.” And, according to the report, “Boaters complained that trash cans on the docks are overflowing by 5 or 6 p.m. every weekend.”

Other issues listed included staff being unavailable at night and not monitoring certain docks or communications channels. The report also included staffers’ attitude and behavior among the problems, as well as general cleanliness and repair of the marina area.

But for every complaint, the report also listed the new marina mangers’ response.

According to report, staff responsibilities are now clearly defined, including seeing that trash cans stay clear and following a dedicated process to address repair requests. There will be clean-up, including pressure-washing docks and replacing rusting or old signs; staffing will now match the necessary hours; and a “zero-tolerance policy” has been instituted for employees who audibly bad-mouth boaters or otherwise inappropriately behave on the job.

A master plan included in the report calls for a complete physical audit of all properties and facilities, and recommended conducting immediate physical repairs where necessary. The report also called for a feasibility study to determine the cost of immediately reconfiguring the docks, allowing the accommodation of larger boats, plus recommendations on the long-term replacement needs of the marina, including a full replacement of all docks.

County Board Finance and Human Resource Committee Chair Bob Miller said last week he’s pleased with Siegel-Gallagher’s proactive approach and strong communication; the firm plans to continue providing the county with monthly updates.

In a statement emailed to The Journal Times Friday, County Executive Jim Ladwig agreed, saying: “Operations at the Reefpoint Marina are improving on a daily basis, and we continue to strive to make it an even better experience for the boaters. Our goals for the future are to increase occupancy to benefit the taxpayers, and generate increased tourism for Racine County.”

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Now if they could find a new manager for city hall.


So... Costs might exceed Revenues.....

Does Millions of $$$$ need to be invested SOON?

So A first year revenue profit of $400,000, which has not yet re-couped the initial purchase price doesn't 'count".

Looks like the County hasn't used the correct software to figure costs/expenses. Well, they don't have to. And the JT has standards of holding local officials UNacountable.

Expect MEDIOCRIATRY from The JT. No Standard.


Great question. I knew a lot of people were unhappy with both the service and attitude. How much business did they cost us?

Green Racinereal

I am all for this Marina. There are ways to get the Businesses back suck as Root River Pirates https://www.facebook.com/pages/Root-River-Pirates/557089467646910 make the Lake Front fun for all is step one.
I so want to do a in water boat show!

Green Racinereal

In for a Penny in for a pound. This is to valuable of a resource to lose . Do we have recourse on Skipper Bud's for the way they ran it in the ground?

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