RACINE — A Racine couple reportedly were walking home from the store on Wednesday when they said a woman — who repeatedly has called them anti-gay slurs for the past week — threw something at their window, shattering it.

And one of the men reportedly targeted by the woman told officers he watched her do it.

Prosecutors on Thursday charged 17-year-old Khadijah S. James, of the 600 block of 16th Street, with two hate crime-related charges: criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct. James, who is charged as an adult, also was charged Thursday with two misdemeanor bail jumping offenses because she was out on bond when she allegedly damaged the couple’s window, according to her criminal complaint.

The couple told police that James tried to put trash in their garbage cans about a week ago. One of the men politely asked her not to because their bins quickly fill with their own garbage, the complaint stated. The man said James immediately went into a tirade, calling him two anti-gay slurs. Since that time, Sept. 25, the couple said James “has constantly heckled” the two men, allegedly yelling anti-gay slurs at them while walking by their house, on Racine’s south side, and when she sees them standing at a bus stop, the complaint stated.

The couple were walking home from a store on Wednesday when they allegedly were approached in an alley by James and a man who said James was his sister, the complaint stated. The couple ignored them and continued to walk home, but one of the men then stopped to watch her, feeling fearful and suspicious, according to the complaint.

He reported seeing James pick up something in the alley and throw it at their home, shattering a window, the complaint stated.

When questioned by police, the teen allegedly admitted to being in the area earlier in the day, but “was very vague and could not provide specific times or areas,” the complaint stated. An officer said James “became defensive and stated that she didn’t do anything,” according to the complaint.

A $5,000 signature bond was set for James during her initial appearance in court Thursday, and she was ordered not to have any contact with the couple, their family and property.

Her preliminary hearing is Oct. 16.

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What a shame on this little girl. Good they are charging her as an adult! Maybe she will think about what she does in the future. Gay or straight you dont have the right to violate other peoples property. She obviously has some issues ALREADY! Sad.


Do we have to care who's gay and who's straight? Can't we just love everyone and judge them by the car they drive? Ellen Degeneres

Seriously, I pay more attention to a person's character than who they choose to love.


You're advocating harassment and damaging property of anyone not like you? Nice.

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