MOUNT PLEASANT — A southbound train struck and killed a pedestrian late Wednesday morning, temporarily rerouting area traffic.

Officers were called to the scene around 11:45 a.m., responding to reports of a train striking a pedestrian.

Shortly thereafter, Mount Pleasant Police Sgt. Shawn Lueke told reporters, “It was a pedestrian fatality.”

Police have not released a name, but said that the male victim was pronounced dead at the scene by the Racine County medical examiner.

The train slowed to a halt shortly past the site of the incident, just south of Old Spring Street.

Investigators arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, along with a half-dozen squad cars that proceeded to fan out around the area.

Police rerouted traffic for several hours during the investigation as the train blocked crossings at Spring Street and Old Spring Street.

As of late Wednesday, police said they will not be releasing further information at this time, including the victim’s identity.

The case remains under investigation by Mount Pleasant Police with assistance from the Wisconsin State Patrol.

The Union Pacific train was traveling from St. Paul, Minn., to Chicago and had five locomotives and 92 railcars, according to Union Pacific spokesman Mark Davis. The mixed-freight train continued to Chicago after the line was opened at 4:35 p.m. for traffic.

The incident occurred about 850 feet from the nearest crossing at Old Spring Street, Davis said.

Union Pacific has offered counseling to the three crew members aboard the train at the time of the incident — an engineer, conductor and brakeman, Davis said.

“We offered the train crew peer support because as you can imagine that is a pretty gruesome type of collision,” Davis said. “Science tells us that train crew members, after witnessing something as horrific as that, it really affects them.” The workers have also been given time off of work.