RACINE — Racine police announced on Monday that a Milwaukee man, accused of sex trafficking in Racine County, was convicted on Sept. 1 in federal court after a long investigation that began with a missing person case.

A federal jury found Jaboree Williams, 31, guilty on 18 counts, including three counts of sex trafficking, three counts of interstate transportation for purposes of prostitution, one count of conspiracy to distribute heroin and other narcotics, one count of obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation, four counts of witness intimidation and tampering, four counts of contempt of court, one count of obstruction of justice and one count of sending an extortionate threat.

Racine police were initially called for a welfare check on a missing family member, Sgt. Adam Malacara said in a press release: “Using social media and internet websites, the family member’s location was discovered.”

That’s when the human trafficking investigation began, leading to Williams’ arrest in July 2015. Racine police and the FBI’s Human Trafficking Task Force had worked on the case for 32 months to bring his case to trial.

According to court evidence, Williams used force, fraud and coercion to make his female victims engage in prostitution in multiple states.

“Victims testified that Williams imposed a strict set of rules,” Malacara said in the release.

The victims were forced to give him all the money they earned for sex acts, told to never talk to law enforcement and obey Williams’ every command.

“Williams made sure the rules were followed by severely beating victims who violated them. He also threatened and intimidated victims and other witnesses during the investigation and prosecution, including while he was in jail,” Malacara said.

Williams faces the possibility of life in prison. His sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 20.


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