RACINE — A school bus fight reportedly ended when officers from the Mount Pleasant Police Department ordered one student to drop a two-by-four he had “armed himself with,” according to a criminal complaint.

Police were dispatched for a report of kids fighting near Carpenter Avenue and Durand Avenue shortly after 3 p.m. Tuesday and arrived to find a 17-year-old student holding a two-by-four, according to the complaint. That student was charged Wednesday with a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct by use of a dangerous weapon.

The dispute reportedly started after the 17-year-old got on and off the bus several times and was told by another student to make up his mind because he wanted to go home, according to the complaint.


This information is gathered by reporters from law enforcement agencies throughout Racine County, once those records are available. This is not a complete record of every crime reported in the county, rather it reflects noteworthy crimes that have occurred in our community. It is intended to be used as an informational tool, not an official record. As these cases have not been concluded, the suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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dwan let me tell you...I raised 4 , 17 year olds as a single mom, guess what???? all i heard was how respectful they were!! sooooo, if you try you can teach ALL 17 year olds the proper way of behaving in, and outside the home!!! i wasn't having it!!! like i said....PERIOD!! thats whats wrong with the youth today, parents scared to be parents, they want to be their friends!! get out of here with that nonsense!! PERIOD!!


That behaviour starts in the home, so the statement should be gotta love the home training... nope not trying to hear out of sight out of mind..teach them and they will know, if you don't care how you make yourself look, you really need to care how you make me as your parent look!! Period!


What can you teach a 17. Year old who thinks he knows everything. Not everything starts at home. He was old enough to what the right decision was but he chose otherwise.


It does not say the student went to are RUSD school.

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