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RACINE — The Racine harbor is due for its five-year checkup this summer.

The county is set to hire a consultant to study all structures in the Downtown Racine harbor, including the entrance, parking lot, Reefpoint Marina basin, Root River east of the Main Street bridge and the north and south breakwaters. The consultant has not yet been chosen.

Officials propose to allocate up to $122,165 for the survey, which comes from money left over from projects last year. The county, which owns and maintains the harbor, also received a $35,000 grant from the Fund for Lake Michigan for the project.

The study will first come before the Racine County Board in its March 22 meeting.

Comprehensive look

The county has ordered such a survey every five years since it took ownership of the harbor in the 1980s. The study is thorough, down to divers inspecting the bottom of structures.

It’s too early to say what it may find, said Julie Anderson, the county’s director of public works and development services. A previous survey revealed the south breakwater needed to be rebuilt, a project that ended up taking several years and $8 million.

“The waves action on Lake Michigan is very harsh on those structures,” Anderson said.

The effort will likely begin in early summer and take roughly a few months to complete, depending on the weather. The consultant will then issue a report to the county.

Officials may seek more money from the Fund for Lake Michigan if projects need to be addressed.

“We have to put priorities on keeping that harbor safe and keeping those structures in place,” Anderson said.


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