RACINE - An investigation at Gateway Technical College found that instructor Stella Young offered students incentives to donate to certain charities, according to a college official. 

The college has made sure that the practice does not continue, said Bill Whyte, Gateway's vice president of human resources. Whyte would not go into specifics about what disciplinary action she could face, if any. However, he said Young, a psychology instructor, will be able to continue teaching.

"She has been with us for many years. There was no malice intended at all," Whyte said. "It was a decision made with good intent, but not necessarily a smart decision."

Students said Young told their class this semester that they could receive some sort of extra credit for donating money to charities. At least four students reported that to the administration, said Bernard O'Connell, Gateway's dean of general studies.

Two of Young's past students also told The Journal Times that she offered incentives for donations in previous semesters. Young also had cut-out shoes on the wall of her classroom with names of people who donated and the amount they gave.

The internal investigation found the reports were true, Whyte said.

Young, 70, is a former Racine Unified School Board member. She ran as a Republican candidate for the 61st state Assembly district in 1992 and the 62nd district in 1996.

Young said she had received permission from other deans in the past to ask for class donations. But Whyte said, "Nobody in the administration was aware of it."

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