BURLINGTON - Ron Jandura calls David Moyer one of the luckiest guys in the world. Not just because Moyer will be taking over Jandura's position as superintendent of the Burlington Area School District in a little more than a month.

The BASD Board voted unanimously Monday to hire Moyer, 43, a Sheboygan native, to replace Jandura, who has run the district for the past 13 years.

Jandura, who retires at the end of June, says Moyer is taking over in Burlington at a time when the district is "poised to step in to the 21st century as well as respond to difficult budgetary times."

Moyer signed a two-year contract that includes a one-year extension built in. The district will pay Moyer $130,000 for the first year, after which Moyer will renegotiate his salary with the board.

Moyer's contract also includes health insurance coverage and contributions to the state retirement fund, among other things. Moyer starts July 1.

Moyer was most recently an

assistant superintendent of Community High School District 117 in

Antioch, Ill. This will be his first experience as a chief superintendent. He said he knows he has a lot to learn stepping in to his first job running a school district, but he's not nervous. Moyer said he's excited about the possibilities he sees in the district.

As far as challenges, Moyer said he expects it will take some time to settle in to a district that has had a long-term superintendent, a school board that has been in place for many years and other district administrators that have been with the district a long time.

"The whole idea of change is a process. They're going to maybe be apprehensive initially trying to find out who I am," Moyer said. "So you have to admit that that's part of the whole thing and you have to consciously work at moving through that phase with all the different people you have to work with."

The board picked Moyer instead of Patricia Hoffman, the only other finalist. Hoffman, 62, is one of the district's assistant superintendents. She has been with the district for 23 years. Hoffman said Monday that she isn't going anywhere. She expects to stay with the district and do whatever the district needs her to do.

School Board President John Anderson said the board picked Moyer because it was looking for someone who could lead the district in the long term.

"I think he'll be able to do the job. He's qualified. He's excited to be here," Anderson said. "The current management team, we feel, is very strong, which will allow the superintendent to have a smooth transition."

The Burlington Area School District serves all of the city and town of Burlington and parts of the towns of Dover and Rochester in Racine County and parts of the towns of Lyons, Spring Prairie and East Troy in Walworth County.

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