RACINE — Twin Disc CFO Christopher Eperjesy will be the Racine Unified School Board’s next member.

A majority of existing board members on Monday voted for Eperjesy to fill the board seat vacated at the end of October when Bill Van Atta resigned because of an impending retirement and move to Florida.

Eperjesy, 44, of Caledonia, was chosen from a pool of eight candidates interviewed by the board Monday during a meeting at Unified’s central office, 3109 Mount Pleasant St. Board members asked the candidates questions and candidates also gave opening and closing remarks.

“I thought instead of sitting around the table talking about (education), that this could be an opportunity to give back,” Eperjesy, 44, said during his opening statement.

Eperjesy said his company encourages community involvement. Plus he wanted to get involved for the many Twin Disc employees who have children or grandchildren in the school district, he said.

Eperjesy is not a Unified parent himself. He has three children, but two are too young for school and the third attends The Prairie School, 4050 Lighthouse Drive, in Wind Point, he said.

Eperjesy received five votes from existing board members at Monday’s meeting; each of the board’s eight members got one vote. The other candidates were Cecilia Anguiano, Berenice Beltran Maldonado, Michael Frontier, Roger Pfost, Paul Sloth, Damian Valentine and Bob Wittke Jr. Four others expressed interest but did not show up for the interview meeting.

Eperjesy will likely take the board’s oath of office at a meeting on Dec. 17, board President Dennis Wiser said.

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Yea. Ok Kevin's Mom... Teachers are only in it for the paycheck... I always thought it was the "glamour" of the job... But you are right.. It's the large paycheck... Sigh...


This should be an upgrade to the board. Being a CFO, I'm hoping he's savvy enough not to get rolled by the likes of Dave Hazen.

I Come In Peace

Nothing wrong with Dave. Unfortunately, he like countless others, has to deal with a Governor that does not value education.

An American

Look at how much Walker valued his education at Marquette University before they had him resign. But then, who would have known that Walker would specialize in cheating even if Marquette refused to condone it.

Green Racinereal

So the new guy wants to help RUSD but his own child goes to Prairie. Good to know that he knows not to send his child to the Pit of Doom of RUSD.

I Come In Peace

Kids can excel in RUSD if they want to and their parents want to. Take the Prairie teachers out and send them to RUSD, and take the RUSD teachers and send them to Prairie and you'll see the same exact results I guarantee it. Next.....


i disagree. teachers in unified seem to just be there for the paycheck.

An American

And what is your worth? I don't think, and I am glad, that you could spend a day in our shcools. Parents blame teachers, when it is the parents that are inept.

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