200-plus tickets, 48 cars towed in snow emergency

2013-03-06T16:36:00Z 2013-12-18T13:31:08Z 200-plus tickets, 48 cars towed in snow emergencySTEPHANIE JONES Journal Times

RACINE — City of Racine police issued over 200 tickets and towed approximately 48 vehicles related to the snow emergency that went from Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

Racine received approximately 7 inches of snow throughout the day Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service in Sullivan. In order to help clear that snow from the streets the city called a snow emergency.

During a snow emergency, no parking is allowed on either side of arterial streets and vehicles are limited to parking on one side of local streets, with the side varying depending what day of the week it is. For instance, there is no parking on the odd side if the emergency is declared on an odd numbered day.

But not everyone abides by the rules and they end up paying the price.

Second shift patrol who work from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. issued approximately 50 tickets and towed 26 cars, according to Sgt. Jessie Metoyer of the Racine Police Department.

Then third shift officers who worked from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. issued another 177 citations and towed 22 vehicles, Metoyer said.

Snow emergency tickets are $25, Metoyer said, and the city’s towing fee is a flat $75. But the price can go up if special equipment is needed, Metoyer said. Also, there is a $20 per day storage fee for every day the vehicle is not picked up. Drivers are not charged for the day the car is towed or the day it is picked up, but they are charged for every day in between, according to Racine Police staff.

The reason more tickets were issued than people towed is that some people move their vehicles before a tow truck comes, Metoyer said.

“We would certainly prefer for them to just move it. We don’t want to tow the cars,” Metoyer said. But she said many cars have to be towed, “in order to clear off the roads so people can drive safe.”

Racine snow emergency at a glance

227: Estimated snow emergency tickets issued

48: Vehicles towed because of snow emergency

$25: cost of snow emergency ticket

$75: Cost of a tow

Source: Racine Police Department

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  1. mt_pleasantly
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    mt_pleasantly - March 07, 2013 8:05 pm
    They know now.
  2. Mikey1
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    Mikey1 - March 07, 2013 4:10 pm
  3. speaking frankly
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    speaking frankly - March 07, 2013 12:37 pm
    Unless someone has had their car either ticketed or towed, how many people would actually really know that they were not allowed to park on EITHER side of the street? We all learned to park on alternate sides of the street each night, but how many people know or have the ability to look up the City of Racine Web site and read the list of streets that do not allow parking? I myself did not know until the blizzard we had 2 years ago. If the city could make some of the vacant lots in the older sections of town, or the problem parking areas, into small parking lots for just such a situation, that would be great. Start with vacant lot on Martin Luther and Albert. If they can't generate tax revenue from them, they could collect money for parking permits.
  4. Say it ain't so
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    Say it ain't so - March 07, 2013 11:45 am
    Not one plow came down my street until the next day. All the side streets near me are horrible. What's the deal. Can't blame the rain this time.
  5. LuvHaytRaytown
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    LuvHaytRaytown - March 07, 2013 10:30 am
    I usually do t agree with ggodmuls, but he/she is dead on.

    It's common sense to most people to get your car of the street simply from a personal convenience factor. I don't want to have my car buried by the plows, so it gets moved into the drive way. Those that don't have a drive way can move to a side street, or to a public lot.
  6. Shari
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    Shari - March 07, 2013 9:44 am
    WOW really people. How long have you lived in the city. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. I am sure their only purpose was to give tickets to make the city money.
  7. ggodmuls
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    ggodmuls - March 07, 2013 9:42 am
    I used to live on 11th. and College. There is off street parking nearby for a price. I paid $25/month at a lot about one block away.

    I'm tired of hearing about the "poor" argument. Many of those people make low wages - but they also make poor choices of what to do with their money. Cable, Cigarettes, Booze, Junk Food, Clothes, that comes first before the necessities. You have a car? You need to move it! It's that simple.

    The City needs to tow and fine everybody who doesn't move their car. Those snowplow operators are making $30 - $34/hr on the check. The City can't afford overtime, and people have been told repeatedly.

    If you're too stupid/lazy to take care of it - then you lose it.
  8. speaking frankly
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    speaking frankly - March 07, 2013 9:16 am
    Wow! a call to DPW regarding plowing was only meet with a canned response from the secretary. "The Engineer put out a schedule to maximize their manpower to clear as many streets as possible" yet they are out clearing streets that were already good and missing the ones that you need to zig zag down to avoid cars from the opposite direction. There are corners that the piles are so high, so cannot see oncoming traffice and their response was that people should be more careful? I thought I got conneted to a call center in India.
  9. pgatour123
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    pgatour123 - March 07, 2013 7:11 am
    Yes The city dosen't really care about the people of Racine. I see sidewalks and parking lots that aren't cleared. If they were owned by someone else the city would give them a fine. Its all about the money. Officer friendly must have died.
  10. speaking frankly
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    speaking frankly - March 06, 2013 10:28 pm
    What's really a shame is there are many so called "arterial streets" that are 2 lane, one way streets with plenty of room for people to park and many of the homes along there do not have driveways, so where do they park? The side streets are very narrow to begin with and not much room for the entire neighborhood to park on. To make matters worse, they are in poorer neighborhoods with people who really can't afford to have their only means of transportation towed, much less the ticket.
  11. Rachelcomm
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    Rachelcomm - March 06, 2013 9:01 pm
    I had no idea you had to be on the even side of the street during a snow emergency
  12. pgatour123
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    pgatour123 - March 06, 2013 7:49 pm
    Wow the city made a couple of bucks off of this Snow Storm. Way to go RPD.
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