Casey's proposed for Union Grove

Traffic passes a Casey’s convenience store sign on Oct. 6, 2006, in Des Moines, Iowa. A Casey’s has been proposed for the corner of 69th Drive and Highway 11 in Union Grove.


UNION GROVE — A Casey’s General Store and gas station is proposed for just off Highway 11 at 69th Drive in Union Grove.

Casey’s representatives Ryan Swanson and Lauren Downing presented their conceptual plans for the store during the Nov. 6 Union Grove Planning Commission meeting.

The store is expected to employ between 15 to 20 people, and would be almost 4,700 square feet, according to the minutes of the meeting and the conditional-use permit application. Half of the employees are anticipated to be part-time workers and the other half would work full time. The store is scheduled to be open either from 5 a.m. to midnight or 24 hours a day. Casey’s plans to break ground on the store in spring 2018 and to open by late summer 2018.

Although the Casey’s representatives came before the Planning Commission to obtain a conditional-use permit, the commission held off on granting it because the developers plan to divide the property. This needs to be done before the conditional-use permit is approved.

Planning Commission Chair Janice Winget said she wouldn’t expect the store to draw new traffic into Union Grove, but believes it will serve the traffic that already goes through the area, as it will be right off of Highway 11.

“I think it’ll be a benefit to the community,” she said.

Neighbor concerns

Alvin Wilks, who lives on Durand Avenue/Highway 11 near the proposed site of the store, expressed concerns that the stormwater runoff from the store might flood his property. Downing answered that there would be a storm detention basin at the rear of the store that would dispense into the ditch along 69th Drive.

Lynn Day who also lives on Durand Avenue near the planned site for the store said she was worried about traffic, noise and lighting issues related to the possible development. Downing said that the store’s lighting would not spill over the property lines nor would it create more noise than a normal conversation level. Swanson added that fans would be located on the rear roof of the convenience store. He said that deliveries would not be taking place all night.

Winget said that the parcel of land where the store is set to be built is not currently in the village's sewer service area and that will need to be changed. Winget and Village Administrator Mark Janiuk said that a pre-development agreement would be necessary so that the developer will have to cover infrastructure expenses related to the project.

The developer will have to go back before the Planning Commission for approval of the land division as well as the conditional-use permit, Winget said. 



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