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RACINE COUNTY — With spring around the corner, it’ll soon be time to think of improving or adding to that outdoor space.

Hiring a landscaper can not only help in the decision process, but help in planning something that improves the look of your home, say local experts.

“There’s that curb appeal,” said Scott Tiesman, vice president of DeYong’s Lawn and Landscape of Mount Pleasant, which has been in business for 29 years. “If you have a gardener that knows what they are doing, they’ll bring in plants for the different seasons, and they know what to plant or not.”

Hiring a landscaping professional allows you to not only get the expertise of someone who knows their way around a garden, but can offer advice on planning and what improvements can be made so that outdoor space can be appreciated for years.

While forgoing the traditional flat patios for landscaping with larger patio bricks in different colors and more texture has been a growing trend, it can be costly, ranging from at least $5,000-$20,000. Tony Norton, owner of Landscapes by Tony Norton in Wilmot, said that long-term, natural products like brick are often better choices.

“I think people are going back to more natural stone,” said Norton, who’s been in business 28 years. He recommends natural brick because products like Stampcrete, made of formed concrete, “don’t hold up here with the cold.”

Tiesman said landscaping firms can work with homeowners to achieve a certain look in their outdoor space at the price they want, including installing low-voltage lighting along the perimeters or using solar lighting. Outlining the transition spaces from steps to garden with lighting or flowers is always popular, as are perennial gardens.

The advantage of hiring a professional landscaper is that you’re getting someone who knows what will work best in your garden and what will grow best in this area. Landscapers also advise planting with your own needs in mind. Do you plan on having a landscaper continue to do maintenance, upkeep and fertilizing? Those who like working in the garden may not mind plantings that require more pruning instead of choosing bushes like boxwoods that require less upkeep, and stay greener and fuller all year.

The bottom line? Pick someone you are comfortable with, has the experience to fulfill your landscaping vision and is there to help if any problems arise.

“It gives you peace of mind that it should be done right,” said Tiesman. “There is someone you can hold accountable if something happens.”

“All landscapers are not created equal,” said Norton. “It’s not something you can learn in a year or two.”


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