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Name: Laura Lee Torres

Age: 48

Current city of residence: Racine

Connection to Racine County: Active with Youth for Christ and the Koss Family Foundation

Occupation: Author, medical assistant and office manager for MedLogic

Title of book and publisher: “Surviving the Storm; One Woman’s Journey through Vulvar Cancer,” Westbow Press.

Synopsis of book (plot): The synopsis of this book is to follow the course of my treatment through vulvar cancer, and sharing my personal story and testimony.

Why did you write the book? I wrote this book for two reasons. The first was to share an encouraging, inspirational story about faith and hope through a grim, hopeless and difficult diagnosis and treatment regimen. The second was to get the information out there about vulvar cancer. It is not talked about and it should be. In a culture where prevention is key, having all the information is so important. Like many, I had no idea this cancer existed until I was diagnosed. I would like to see that change.

How long did it take you to write the book? A little less than a year. I felt compelled to write it shortly after I started my radiation and chemotherapy treatments. I had an instance during treatment where a book was given to me to read about a patient diagnosed with cancer that died in the end. I wanted to write a positive book. When dealing with difficult situations we can either wallow in self pity or we can face it head on determined to look for the blessings in each and every day. That is what I wanted to share. A lot of prayer encompassed this project. I did a journal on Facebook to keep my friends and family updated, which I also incorporated into the book.

How did you get interested in writing? I have always been interested in writing. I have so many completed works sitting in folders at home. When I was young I wrote children’s books, poems, short stories and songs — that was how I filtered my emotions, by putting them on paper. I am currently working on a group of children’s book geared towards explaining what cancer is, and what some of the different procedures are. Children are smart, they understand more than we think. I was always open and honest with my children about everything. We supported each other.

Website or Facebook page readers can visit for more information: “Surviving the Storm” is available online at, Amazon, Christian books and Barnes and Noble.

If you are a Racine County author that has published a book within the last year and would like to be featured in Our Authors, please send request to Loreen Mohr via email at; send letter to Loreen Mohr, The Journal Times, 212 Fourth St., Racine, WI 53403; or via fax at 262-631-1780.


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