Name: Christopher Cook

Age: 29

Current town/city of residence: Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Connection to Racine County: Racine native

Occupation: Project manager

Title of book and publisher: “The Entrepreneurial Project Manager” published by CRC Press

Synopsis of book (plot): Doing more with less is a skill mastered by entrepreneurs. Budgets are tight, deadlines are short and time is of the essence. Entrepreneurial project managers use these parameters to their benefit. Hurdling over obstacles with the bare minimum of effort makes their projects and teams stand out. Focusing inward to develop the skills and mindset necessary to accomplish anything with anyone sets an entrepreneurial project manager apart from the group. This book builds on the basics of project management knowledge with tools and techniques to get you, your projects, and teams performing on an advanced level.

No matter your industry or experience level, this book gives you practical ways to improve any project. More importantly, it shows how you can improve your own performance. Personal limitations can be the hardest obstacle to overcome, and this book explains how to overcome them. The techniques have been tried and tested by the author who shares them with you in this book.

Entrepreneurs are constantly changing and adapting to the world around them. They must stay cutting-edge to make their businesses thrive. This book explains how to take a cutting-edge approach to project management. The goal is to take your technical skills as a project manager, add the elements of an entrepreneur, and create a high-powered team around you as well as become the best project manager you can be.

Philosophy is a major theme throughout the book. I include Taoist and Stoic philosophies and connect them to project management methodologies and mindsets. Coaching is another through line in the book as project managers represent leaders of a team.

Is this your first book? Yes

Why did you write the book? During my capstone course in graduate school, I managed a project and submitted weekly summaries to the professor. My professor, Dr. Ginger Levin, asked if I would be interested in writing a book because my weekly summaries were intriguing to her. I immediately accepted her offer and began the proposal process.

Many of the book’s lessons come from observations during my past employment experiences. For example, during my tenure with a large construction company, I would look at inefficiencies throughout the project management process. From planning to executing to closing, there were areas of improvement that were not addressed well. For the book, I wanted to take issues like these and adopt the entrepreneurial approach, which is doing more with less and being the most effective with the resources at hand. Another term for this is intrapreneurship.

How long did it take you to write the book? The complete process took 18 months. I subdivided the work into six months each of researching, writing and editing.

How did you get interested in writing? It truly began when I started the writing process for this book. Now, I write an article per week on my blog for various audiences to continue my education in the profession, as well as improve my writing. My interest in writing continues to grow the more active I become. With writing, I enjoy being able to express a point of view which hopefully can help others with improvement of themselves, a company or however it is meaningful to them.

Where is the book available for purchase?, (publisher’s website) or If you purchase via, use promotional code MZQ36 at checkout for 20 percent off. The book can also be ordered at Barnes and Noble in Racine.

Is the book available at the Racine Public Library? Yes

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