Name: Carol Wagner DeMarco

Age: 75

Current town/city of residence: Burlington

Connection to Racine County: Resident

Occupation: Retired

Title of book: “Growing Up Polish in South Milwaukee”

Synopsis of book (plot): The book spans three generations of Polish Americans: The immigrant grandparents at the turn of the century, the parents who grew up immersed in Polish ways, and their three daughters who enjoyed the “happy days” of the 1940s and ’50s. The memoir is lightly seasoned with Polish words, recipes and humor, but you don’t have to Polish to enjoy it. However, if you are a South Milwaukee Pole, there is a good chance your family name is on the cover.

Is this your first book? No. Three years ago I wrote “Lake of the Shining Arrow,” a history of Browns Lake in Burlington.

Why did you write the book? I wanted to document a way of life that no longer exists, both for my contemporaries and my grandchildren.

How long did it take you to write the book? A lifetime, but actually three years.

How did you get interested in writing? I majored in English and history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Where is the book available for purchase? Parkway Floral 1001 Milwaukee Ave., South Milwaukee; The Coffee House at Chestnut & Pine, 492 N. Pine St., Burlington; Polish Center of Wisconsin, 6941 S. 68th St., Franklin;;

Is the book available at the library? Yes

Author’s email:


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