RACINE — The Racine Theatre Guild, 2519 Northwestern Ave., will hold auditions for “Jeeves Intervenes” at 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 4-5.

In “Jeeves Intervenes,” a high society playboy, Bertie Wooster, and his school chum, Eustace, hatch a plan to save Bertie from an undesirable marriage, and Eustace from a faraway job in India. Will Bertie’s ever-faithful, all-knowing manservant, Jeeves, be able to rescue these bumbling fools from themselves? This delightfully British romp is a tribute to the beloved comic characters of P.G. Wodehouse, full of deception and disguise.

Cast of characters

  • Bertie Wooster — An affluent bachelor with a tendency to get himself into tricky situations. Simply has not grown up and has little understanding of the world around him. Even though he’s self-centered, he’s very likeable and harmless.
  • Jeeves — Bertie’s unflappable valet. A level headed, perfect gentleman’s gentleman who is always thinking five steps ahead. Long suffering but discreet and flawlessly mannered.
  • Eustace Bassington-Bassington — A former schoolmate of Wooster and nephew of Sir Rupert, whom he relies on for money. Infatuated with Gertrude, and unlucky romantically, socially and financially. Not the brightest bulb, who is anxious and lacks tact especially when under pressure.
  • Gertrude Winklesworth-Bode — Agatha’s god-daughter and top pick for Wooster’s future wife. A strong-minded woman with a penchant for Nietzsche, she views Wooster as clay to be molded — by her.
  • Agatha Spencer-Gregson — Wooster’s fearsome aunt who is determined to see him wed. She has a history with Sir Rupert and is a terrifying representative of the type of very opinionated English matriarch who can run an enormous household, meddle in her nephew’s life and shoot partridges, probably all at the same time. Impatient with what she sees as Wooster’s spinelessness and unwillingness to settle down.
  • Sir Rupert Watlington-Pipps — Eustace’s uncle and provider of his allowance. Gruff, former military in the grand British tradition. Has a romantic history with Agatha.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Appointments are not being taken. Scripts may be checked out in advance from the box office.

Rehearsals begin in January and performances will run three weekends, Feb. 26-March 13. For more information, call 262-633-4218 or go to www.racinetheatre.org.


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