Careers Industries Fulfillment Services

Careers Industries Fulfillment Services

participants assemble boxes for O&H Danish Bakery.

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Careers Industries’ Fulfillment Services Division recently expanded its relationship with Mount Pleasant-based O&H Danish Bakery, undertaking a significant box assembly project just in time for the busy holiday season.

“We’re a family business that has been based in Racine for 66 years,” says Eric Olesen, president of O&H Danish Bakery. “Supporting local businesses and our local community is very important to us and a core part of our business.”

Olesen is a third-generation owner. His son and son-in-law also work with him. O&H first started its relationship with Careers Industries as customer of Careers’ Can Liner (trash bags) division. Olesen decided to take a closer look at Careers’ FS capabilities as the bakery has changed facilities and expanded production in recent years.

Olesen says that O&H constantly evaluates its business and has outsourced different parts of its fulfillment operations over the years based on needs and opportunities. With the bakery’s recent changes he felt the time was right to contact Careers Industries. Careers Industries’ FS participants have earned an excellent reputation for their high quality assembly, packaging, sorting and other subcontracted services.

For O&H, our main task is to assemble shipping boxes for coffee cakes, the bakery’s most popular item aside from kringle. The box is a die-cut that needs to be folded and shaped and then have a bubble liner inserted. Production varies from about 300 to 500 pieces per day on average, five days each week. Olesen says the process has gone smoothly as they ramp up for their busiest season of the year.

“It may seem like a little thing — but it’s so much more than that,” says Olesen of all the moving parts it takes to ship their products. “We receive the boxes ready to go (from Careers) so we can simply insert the product and be ready to ship. It gives us time to focus on what we do best, which is baking.”

Olesen says it’s easy for small businesses to think they need to do everything on their own and encourages executives to explore outsourcing. He views O&H’s contract with Careers Industries a “result and a bonus” of making a sound business decision.

“They don’t just make boxes for us, they make time for us so we can keep a higher number of people focused on our products,” Olesen explains. “For O&H and for my family, our mission goes beyond making great bakery and delivering great service for our customers. It is about making our community a better place to live and work. Careers Industries is helping us fulfill that mission.”

For decades, Careers Industries has provided Racine-area businesses with fast, reliable, cost-effective and quality subcontracted services. Learn how Careers Industries can you help you get the job done so you have more time to focus on your customers and products, while also providing work opportunities for our participants. For more information, call 262-752-4100 and ask for Stacy Quickstad.


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