Lucy Veltri


Lucy Veltri of Racine celebrated her 90th birthday Dec. 16 during a family dinner at Salute Italian Restaurant, which is owned by Lucy’s friend of many years, Ida Alia.

Veltri was born on Dec. 13, 1927, in Racine.

She was a Head Start teacher for the Racine Unified School District.

Veltri loved entertaining and was a vice regent for the Sweet Adelines and a member of the Cardiac Capers. She also enjoyed performing as a clown at area schools and was a member of the Clowns of America. She decorated the children’s faces and took pictures of them for their memories. Her clown names were Lolli Pop and Happy Snappy. Veltri also taught ballroom dancing at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio on Sixth Street.

For about 10 years, Veltri was in charge of the entertainment at Lake Oaks senior apartments arranging shows for the residents. She was also a member of a USO group that put on shows for U.S. Navy sailors and soldiers.

Veltri was a member of the Vittoria Colonna women’s group at Roma Lodge and was instrumental in creating an Italian Heritage Calendar with recipes, pictures and family portraits.

Another of Veltri’s hobbies through the years was writing poetry and painting. She was a regular contributor to the Poetry Corner column in The Journal Times and also took community photos for the newspaper for its Scene 262 section.

Veltri is a past president of the Friends of Italian Culture and would organize field trips to various places of Italian culture.

Veltri always enjoyed spending time dancing with friends at North Beach Oasis and the former Henry & Wanda’s.

She has two children: Camille (Chris) Veltri of Brookfield and Lon (Beverly) Veltri of Racine. Veltri has one grandchild.


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Loreen Mohr is the community coordinator for The Journal Times.

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