BURLINGTON — The two Burlington Area School Board candidates who painted themselves as conservative and their two opponents as radically conservative have come out ahead, Tuesday’s unofficial election results show.

Incumbent Larry Anderson and newcomer Jim Bousman netted more votes than Julie Koldeway and Norma Miller.

Koldeway and Miller had been linked for their reportedly radical conservative views when it comes to budgeting, despite both women saying they are far from extremes. Their refutations did not convince Anderson or Bousman, who self-describe themselves as conservatives but nonetheless joined campaign forces to keep what they termed dangerous fiscal conservatism away from the School Board.

Their methods worked.

Anderson got 2,684 votes, Bousman received 2,503, Koldeway got 2,154 and Miller netted 1,957, according to unofficial results with all precincts reporting.

“I’m glad to see it went this way,” said Anderson, a 75-year-old Dover resident and retired division controller and manager of corporate facilities design for Abbott Laboratories.

Bousman, 66, a retired new products executive for toy, book and educational activities companies from the City of Burlington, added, “It’s been a long haul and as you can tell by the number of people that voted it was a highly contested race.”

Bousman and Anderson said their wins affirm the public is not interested in extreme conservative budgeting that slashes costs to the detriment of students or staff.

The two men were each elected to a three-year term. They will be sworn in April 22.

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