MOUNT PLEASANT — SC Johnson will hire 50 to 70 additional people this year to work at its Waxdale manufacturing plant.

SCJ spokeswoman Jam Stewart said Monday the new hiring should begin by July and will run through the rest of this year.

Waxdale, 8311 16th St., is the Racine-based consumer products company’s largest manufacturing plant worldwide.

“As our flagship manufacturing facility,” Stewart said, “we continue to invest in Waxdale. And as we plan for the future and given the ongoing, strong demand we’ve seen in our home cleaning and pest control businesses, it’s the right time to bring in and train additional resources.”

The total will include up to about 20 skilled technical operators and up to 50 entry-level workers, she said.

Skilled workers, Stewart explained, are those who work on automated equipment such as fillers or packers. Entry level would be working and/ or training with a team to eventually run the lines and equipment.

Hiring at Waxdale began earlier this year with the addition of about 12 skilled workers, Stewart said, and the 50 to 70 new hires will be additional.

The company will first hire from a pool of previously screened applicants, she said. Only if that pool is depleted will SCJ post the new jobs externally.

SCJ, which has its world headquarters campus at 1525 Howe St., Racine, employs nearly 1,100 people who work on three shifts at Waxdale. Products made there include Pledge, Off, Glade, Windex, Shout, Scrubbing Bubbles and Raid.

In the Racine area, the company employed about 3,500 people as of October, when SCJ announced a restructuring that is expected to reduce head count by 200 to 400. The final number has not yet been announced.

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Joe Taxpayer

God bless the Johnson's and all the joy they have brought to this community!


Suuure they are. Helen doesn't like paying Benes, they're temp jobs, like all SC blue collars.

Joe Taxpayer

The Johnson's are such great people. Thank you to the whole Johnson family!


These 70 jobs they are talking about are not temporary jobs. They are permanent jobs.


Where's the word "temporary?" They use a temp agency, use up the workers and when it comes time to hire them permanently, they're dumped for another temp worker. You know, those pesky benes are money grubbing.


Mike Rowe keeps saying these are the available jobs that most people don't want because you have to get your hands dirty but they pay better than the white collar jobs.

JT fact checker
JT fact checker

400 white collar losses offset by 70 blue collar adds equals a lot of houses for sale.


The Johnsons have done so much for our city thru the years. A big Thank You to the Johnsons.

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